Process_Overwriting – Yet Another Variant Of Process Hollowing

Process Overwriting is a PE injection technique, closely related to Process Hollowing and Module Overloading Process Hollowing (aka RunPE) is an old and popular PE injection technique. It comes in has variety of flavors, but there are some steps in common: Start by creating a process in a suspended state Write our own PE moduleRead More

NimHollow – Nim Implementation Of Process Hollowing Using Syscalls (PoC)

Playing around with the Process Hollowing technique using Nim. Features: Direct syscalls for triggering Windows Native API functions with NimlineWhispers. Shellcode encryption/decryption with AES in CTR mode. Simple sandbox detection methods from the OSEP course by @offensive-security. AMSI patching with @rasta-mouse’s method is also inside (uncomment it for your needs). Usage Installation: ~$ git cloneRead More