IDACode – An Integration For IDA And VS Code Which Connects Both To Easily Execute And Debug IDAPython Scripts

IDACode makes it easy to execute and debug Python scripts in your IDA environment without leaving Visual Studio Code. The VS Code extension can be found on the marketplace. IDACode is still in a very early state and bugs are to be expected. Please open a new issue if you encounter any issues. Features Speed:Read More

AlphaGolang – IDApython Scripts For Analyzing Golang Binaries

AlphaGolang is a collection of IDAPython scripts to help malware reverse engineers master Go binaries. The idea is to break the scripts into concrete steps, thus avoiding brittle monolithic scripts, and mimicking the methodology an analyst might follow when tackling a Go binary. Scripts are released under GPL license (honoring Tim Strazzere’s original GolangLoaderAssist whichRead More

COM-Code-Helper – Two IDAPython Scripts Help You To Reconstruct Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) Code

Two IDAPython Scripts help you to reconstruct Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) Code Especially malware reversers will find this useful, as COM Code is still regularly found in malware. This IDAPython script scans an idb file for class and interfaces UUIDs and creates the matching structure and its name. Make sure to copy interfaces.txtRead More