Instaloctrack – An Instagram OSINT Tool To Collect All The Geotagged Locations Available On An Instagram Profile In Order To Plot Them On A Map, And Dump Them In A JSON

A tool to scrape geotagged locations on Instagram profiles. Output in JSON & interactive map. TL;DR : ascineema, video of the project requirements sudo apt install chromium-chromedriver && chmod a+x /usr/bin/chromedriver ️ installation git clone instaloctrackpip3 install . Or use Docker: sudo docker build -t instaloctrack -f Dockerfile . Usage gathering tool. Usage: python3 -tRead More

Terra – OSINT Tool On Twitter And Instagram

OSINT Tool On Twitter And Instagram. Installation Clone the github repo $ git clone Change Directory $ cd terra Requirements : For requirements run following commands: $ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt Note For Twitter Credentials : You need credentials which are listed in twitter.yml file in creds folder for using terra. YouRead More

SwiftyInsta – Instagram Unofficial Private API Swift

Instagram offers two kinds of APIs to developers. The Instagram API Platform (extremely limited in functionality and close to being discontinued), and the Instagram Graph API for Business and Creator accounts only. However, Instagram apps rely on a third type of API, the so-called Private API or Unofficial API, and SwiftyInsta is an iOS, macOS,Read More

Unfollow-Plus – Automated Instagram Unfollower Bot

Automated Instagram Unfollower Bot. Installation : apt update apt install git curl -y git clone git:// cd unfollow-plus > Run : bash unfollower.shSingle Command : apt update ; apt install git curl -y ; git clone git:// ; cd unfollow-plus ; bash Credits : Code is Taken From InsHackle By [The Linux Choice] ( More

Inshackle – Instagram Hacks: Track Unfollowers, Increase Your Followers, Download Stories, Etc

Instagram hacks: Track unfollowers, Increase your followers, Download Stories, etc Features: Unfollow Tracker Increase Followers Download: Stories, Saved Content, Following/followers list, Profile Info Unfollow all your following  Usage: git clone inshacklebash Author: Download Inshackle

InstaSave – Python Script To Download Images, Videos & Profile Pictures From Instagram

InstaSave is a python script to download images, videos & profile pictures from Instagram without any API access.Features Download Instagram Photos Download Instagram Videos Download Instagram Profile Pictures Git Installation # clone the repo$ git clone change the working directory to InstaSave$ cd InstaSave# install the requirements$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt Usage python instasave.pyRead More