Misp-Extractor – Tool That Connects To A MISP Instance And Retrieves Attributes Of Specific Types (Such As IP Addresses, URLs, And Hashes)

This code connects to a given MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform) server and parses a given number of events, writing the IP addresses, URLs, and MD5 hashes found in the events to three separate files. Usage To use this script, you will need to provide the URL of your MISP instance and a valid APIRead More

ExchangeFinder – Find Microsoft Exchange Instance For A Given Domain And Identify The Exact Version

ExchangeFinder is a simple and open-source tool that tries to find Micrsoft Exchange instance for a given domain based on the top common DNS names for Microsoft Exchange. ExchangeFinder can identify the exact version of Microsoft Exchange starting from Microsoft Exchange 4.0 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. How does it work? ExchangeFinder will first tryRead More

Solr-GRAB – Steal Apache Solr Instance Queries With Or Without A Username And Password

Steal Apache Solr instance Queries with or without a username and password. DISCLAIMER: This project should be used for authorized testing and educational purposes only. Download git clone https://github.com/GnosticPlayers/Solr-GRAB Usage You can search for Apache Solr Instances via Censys, with the dork “Welcome To Solr” or “Apache Solr Admin”. To grab queries, simply go toRead More