SXDork – A Powerful Tool That Utilizes The Technique Of Google Dorking To Search For Specific Information On The Internet

SXDork is a powerful tool that utilizes the technique of google dorking to search for specific information on the internet. Google dorking is a method of using advanced search operators and keywords to uncover sensitive information that is publicly available on the internet. SXDork offers a wide range of options to search for different typesRead More

Neton – Tool For Getting Information From Internet Connected Sandboxes

Neton is a tool for getting information from Internet connected sandboxes. It is composed by an agent and a web interface that displays the collected information. The Neton agent gets information from the systems on which it runs and exfiltrates it via HTTPS to the web server. Some of the information it collects: Operating systemRead More

Melody – A Transparent Internet Sensor Built For Threat Intelligence

Melody Monitor the Internet’s background noise Melody is a transparent internet sensor built for threat intelligence and supported by a detection rule framework which allows you to tag packets of interest for further analysis and threat monitoring. Features Here are some key features of Melody : Transparent capture Write detection rules and tag specific packetsRead More

Uncover – Quickly Discover Exposed Hosts On The Internet Using Multiple Search Engine

uncover is a go wrapper using APIs of well known search engines to quickly discover exposed hosts on the internet. It is built with automation in mind, so you can query it and utilize the results with your current pipeline tools. Currently, it supports shodan, censys, and fofa search engine. Features Simple and Handy utilityRead More

DorkScout – Golang Tool To Automate Google Dork Scan Against The Entiere Internet Or Specific Targets

dokrscout is a tool to automate the finding of vulnerable applications or secret files around the internet throught google searches, dorkscout first starts by fetching the dorks lists from and then it scans a given target or everything it founds Installation dorkscout can be installed in different ways: Go Packages throught Golang Packages (golangRead More

Frp – A Fast Reverse Proxy To Help You Expose A Local Server Behind A NAT Or Firewall To The Internet

A Fast Reverse Proxy To Help You Expose A Local Server Behind A NAT Or Firewall To The Internet. Development Status frp is under development. Try the latest release version in the master branch, or use the dev branch for the version in development. The protocol might change at a release and we don’t promiseRead More

Scan-For-Webcams – Scan For Webcams In The Internet

Automatically scan for publically accessible webcams around the internet Usage python : for public MJPG streamers around the internet python : for public webcamXP streamers around the internet The program will output a list of links with the format of ip_address:portIf your terminal supports links, click the link and open it in yourRead More

IIS-Raid – A Native Backdoor Module For Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services)

IS Raid is a native IIS module that abuses the extendibility of IIS to backdoor the web server and carry out custom actions defined by an attacker. DocumentationWhen installed, IIS-Raid will process every request and method, check if the X-Password header exists and compare it against the hardcoded value. In case the value specified byRead More

TorghostNG – Make All Your Internet Traffic Anonymized Through Tor Network

TorghostNG is a tool that make all your internet traffic anonymized through Tor network.Rewritten from TorGhost with Python 3.TorghostNG was tested on: Kali Linux Manjaro … Before you use TorghostNG For the goodness of Tor network, BitTorrent traffic will be blocked by iptables. Although you can bypass it with some tweaks with your torrent client.Read More