Adaz – Automatically Deploy Customizable Active Directory Labs In Azure

This project allows you to easily spin up Active Directory labs in Azure with domain-joined workstations, Windows Event Forwarding, Kibana, and Sysmon using Terraform/Ansible. It exposes a high-level configuration file for your domain to allow you to customize users, groups and workstations. dns_name: hunter.labdc_name: DC-1initial_domain_admin: username: hunter password: MyAdDomain!organizational_units: {}users:- username: christophe- username: danygroups:- dn:Read More

0L4Bs – Cross-site Scripting Labs For Web Application Security Enthusiasts

Cross-site scripting labs for web application security enthusiastsList of Chall : ~ Chall 1 | URL~ Chall 2 | Form~ Chall 3 | User-Agent~ Chall 4 | Referrer~ Chall 5 | Cookie~ Chall 6 | LocalStorage~ Chall 7 | Login Page~ Chall 8 | File Upload~ Chall 9 | Base64 Encoding~ Chall 10 | RemovesRead More