Kali-Whoami – A Privacy Tool Developed To Keep You Anonymous On Kali Linux At The Highest Level

The purpose of the Whoami tool makes you as anonymous as possible on Kali linux. It is an user friendly with its ease of use and simple interface. It follows two different paths to ensure the highest possible level of anonymity. Finally, don’t forget that there is never a hundred percent security on the internet!Read More

Totp-Ssh-Fluxer – Take Security By Obscurity To The Next Level (This Is A Bad Idea, Don’T Really Use This Please)

Some people change their SSH port on their servers so that it is slightly harder to find for bots or other nasties, and while that is generally viewed as an action of security through obscurity it does work very well at killing a lot of the automated logins you always see in /var/log/auth.log However whatRead More

vPrioritizer – Tool To Understand The Contextualized Risk (vPRisk) On Asset-Vulnerability Relationship Level Across The Organization

As indicated by sources like vulndb & cve, on a daily basis, approximately 50 new vulnerabilities become known to industry and it’s safe to assume that count is going to increase furthermore. It’s a huge number of vulnerabilities to assess and remediate effectively and quickly. So today organizations are focusing (or should focus) on reducingRead More