Link – A Command And Control Framework Written In Rust

link is a command and control framework written in rust. Currently in beta. Introduction link provides MacOS, Linux and Windows implants which may lack the necessary evasive tradecraft provided by other more mature command and control frameworks. Tested on Linux only. Features Hopefully this list expands for humans to actually want to use this: HTTPSRead More

Pidrila – Python Interactive Deepweb-oriented Rapid Intelligent Link Analyzer

PIDRILA: Python Interactive Deepweb-oriented Rapid Intelligent Link Analyzer is really fast async web path scanner prototype developed by BrightSearch team for all ethical netstalkers. Installation & Usage git clone pidrilapython3 -u <URL> Options Usage: [OPTIONS]Options: -U, –user-agent TEXT User-Agent -t, –timeout INTEGER Request timeout [default: 30] -A, –auth TEXT Basic HTTP auth,Read More

SAyHello – Capturing Audio (.Wav) From Target Using A Link

Capturing audio (.wav) from target using a link How it works?After the user grants microphone permissions, a website redirect button of your choice is released to distract the target while small audio files (about 4 seconds in wav format) are sent to the attacker. It uses Recorderjs, plugin for recording/exporting the output of Web AudioRead More

Saycheese – Grab Target’S Webcam Shots By Link

Take webcam shots from target just sending a malicious link.How it works?The tool generates a malicious HTTPS page using Serveo or Ngrok Port Forwarding methods, and a javascript code to cam requests using MediaDevices.getUserMedia. The MediaDevices.getUserMedia() method prompts the user for permission to use a media input which produces a MediaStream with tracks containing theRead More

Clipboardme – Grab And Inject Clipboard Content By Link

Grab/Inject Clipboard Content Browsers are implementing a new JavaScript API for asynchronous clipboard access to integrate copy and paste into web applications. It is a replacement for the synchronous execCommand-based copy & paste. Async Clipboard requests doesn’t block the page while waiting the process, it’s a improvement over sync requests as well as simplifying eventsRead More