Bore – Simple CLI Tool For Making Tunnels To Localhost

A modern, simple TCP tunnel in Rust that exposes local ports to a remote server, bypassing standard NAT connection firewalls. That’s all it does: no more, and no less. # Installation (requires Rust)cargo install bore-cli# On your local machinebore local 8000 –to This will expose your local port at localhost:8000 to the public internetRead More

Sish – HTTP(S)/WS(S)/TCP Tunnels To Localhost Using Only SSH

An open source serveo/ngrok alternative. Deploy Builds are made automatically for each commit to the repo and are pushed to Dockerhub. Builds are tagged using a commit sha, branch name, tag, latest if released on main. You can find a list here. Each release builds separate sish binaries that can be downloaded from here forRead More