Lockc – Making Containers More Secure With eBPF And Linux Security Modules (LSM)

lockc is open source sofware for providing MAC (Mandatory Access Control) type of security audit for container workloads. The main reason why lockc exists is that containers do not contain. Containers are not as secure and isolated as VMs. By default, they expose a lot of information about host OS and provide ways to “breakRead More

Bore – Simple CLI Tool For Making Tunnels To Localhost

A modern, simple TCP tunnel in Rust that exposes local ports to a remote server, bypassing standard NAT connection firewalls. That’s all it does: no more, and no less. # Installation (requires Rust)cargo install bore-cli# On your local machinebore local 8000 –to bore.pub This will expose your local port at localhost:8000 to the public internetRead More

Ctf-Screenshotter – A CTF Web Challenge About Making Screenshots

A CTF web challenge about making screenshots. It is inspired by a bug found in real life. The challenge was created by @LiveOverflow for https://cscg.de/. Watch the video writeup here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCjMoPpOPYI Run the challenge To run the challenge you have to install docker-compose: docker-compose up Once the servicses are running, you should be able toRead More

Ruse – Mobile Camera-Based Application That Attempts To Alter Photos To Preserve Their Utility To Humans While Making Them Unusable For Facial Recognition Systems

Mobile camera-based application that attempts to alter photos to preserve their utility to humans while making them unusable for facial recognition systems. Installation (1) Easy Method: Wait and download app from appropriate app store. (2) Download and run ios app via XCode (see Development setup for more detail) Usage example App is developed as aRead More

Dnspeep – Spy On The DNS Queries Your Computer Is Making

dnspeep lets you spy on the DNS queries your computer is making. Here’s some example output: $ sudo dnspeepquery name server IP responseA incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org CNAME: telemetry-incoming.r53-2.services.mozilla.com, CNAME: pipeline-incoming-prod-elb-149169523.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com, A:, A:, A:, A:, A:, A:, A:, A: incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org CNAME: telemetry-incoming.r53-2.services.mozilla.com, CNAME: pipeline-incoming-prod-elb-149169523.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.comA www.google.com A: More