X-force – IBM Security Utilitary Library In Python. Search And Query All Sources: Threat_Activities And Groups, Malware_Analysis, Industries

IBM Security X-FORCE Exchange library in Python 3. Search: threat_activities, threat_groups, malware_analysis, collector and industries. Install pip3 install XForce Use Using you API_KEY make a basic authentication. After make a base64 code → Key + : + Password: printf “d2f5f0f9-2995-42c6-b1dd-4c92252da129:06c41d5e-0604-4c7c-a599-300c367d2090” | base64# ZDJmNWYwZjktMjk5NS00MmM2LWIxZGQtNGM5MjI1MmRhMTI5OjA2YzQxZDVlLTA2MDQtNGM3Yy1hNTk5LTMwMGMzNjdkMjA5MAo= Using API_KEY, call functions. Call functions Threat activity search return in string XForce.threat_activities(Term, API_KEY)Read More