LACheck – Multithreaded C# .NET Assembly Local Administrative Privilege Enumeration

[*] Multithreaded C# .NET Assembly Local Administrative Privilege Enumeration Arguments domain controller to query (if not ran on a domain-joined host) /domain – specify domain name (if not ran on a domain-joined host) /edr – check host for EDR (requires smb, rpc, or winrm) /logons – return logged on users on a host (requires smb,Read More

Rustpad – Multi-Threaded Padding Oracle Attacks Against Any Service

A multi-threaded what now? rustpad is a multi-threaded successor to the classic padbuster, written in Rust. It abuses a Padding Oracle vulnerability to decrypt any cypher text or encrypt arbitrary plain text without knowing the encryption key! Features Decryption of cypher texts Encryption of arbitrary plain text Multi-threading on both block and byte level Modern,Read More

Shreder – A Powerful Multi-Threaded SSH Protocol Password Bruteforce Tool

Shreder is a powerful multi-threaded SSH protocol password brute-force tool. Features Very fast password guessing, just one password in 0.1 second. Optimized for big password lists, Shreder tries 1000 passwords in 1 minute and 40 seconds. Simple CLI and API usage. Installation pip3 install git+ Basic usage To use Shreder just type shreder in yourRead More

Dystopia – Low To Medium Multithreaded Ubuntu Core Honeypot Coded In Python

Low to medium Ubuntu Core honeypot coded in Python. Features Optional Login Prompt Logs commands used and IP addresses Customize MOTD, Port, Hostname and how many clients can connect at once (default is unlimited) Save and load config Add support to a plethora of commands Todo Packet Capture Better Logging Service Geolocation Email Alerts InsightsRead More

PwnLnX – An Advanced Multi-Threaded, Multi-Client Python Reverse Shell For Hacking Linux Systems

An advanced multi-threaded, multi-client python reverse shell for hacking linux systems. There’s still more work to do so feel free to help out with the development. Disclaimer: This reverse shell should only be used in the lawful, remote administration of authorized systems. Accessing a computer network without authorization or permission is illegal. Getting Started PleaseRead More

Sak1To-Shell – Multi-threaded C2 Server And Reverse Shell Client Written In Pure C

Multi-threaded c2 server and reverse TCP shell client written in pure C (Windows). Command list: list: list available connections. interact, interact with client. download [filename]: download a file from client. upload [filename]: upload a file to client. background: background client. exit: terminate client or server. cd [dir]: change directory on client. Download Sak1To-Shell

CredNinja – A Multithreaded Tool Designed To Identify If Credentials Are Valid, Invalid, Or Local Admin Valid Credentials Within A Network At-Scale Via SMB, Plus Now With A User Hunter

This tool is intended for penetration testers who want to perform an engagement quickly and efficiently. While this tool can be used for more covert operations (including some additions below), it really shines when used at the scale of a large network. At the core of it, you provide it a list of credentials youRead More