UDP-Hunter – Network Assessment Tool For Various UDP Services Covering Both IPv4 And IPv6 Protocols

UDP Scanning has always been a slow and painful exercise, and if you add IPv6 on top of UDP, the tool choices get pretty limited. UDP Hunter is a python based open source network assessment tool focused on UDP Service Scanning. With UDP Hunter, we have focused on providing auditing of widely known UDP protocolsRead More

Hyenae-Ng – An Advanced Cross-Platform Network Packet Generator And The Successor Of Hyenae

Hyenae NG (Next Generation) is a re-write of the original Hyenae tool which was originally published back in the year 2010. Besides switching from C to C++, using modern design concepts, Hyenae NG was (just like the original Hyenae) written with maximum portability in mind. Since the original Hyenae had a very complex command lineRead More

Boofuzz – Network Protocol Fuzzing for Humans

Boofuzz is a fork of and the successor to the venerable Sulley fuzzing framework. Besides numerous bug fixes, boofuzz aims for extensibility. The goal: fuzz everything. Why? Sulley has been the preeminent open source fuzzer for some time, but has fallen out of maintenance. Features Like Sulley, boofuzz incorporates all the critical elements of aRead More

Fapro – Free, Cross-platform, Single-file mass network protocol server simulator

FaPro is a Fake Protocol Server tool, Can easily start or stop multiple network services. The goal is to support as many protocols as possible, and support as many deep interactions as possible for each protocol. Features Supported Running Modes: Local Machine Virtual Network Supported Protocols: DNS DCE/RPC EIP Elasticsearch FTP HTTP IEC 104 MemcachedRead More

Packet-Sniffer – A pure-Python Network Packet Sniffing Tool

A simple pure-Python network packet sniffer. Packets are disassembled as they arrive at a given network interface controller and their information is displayed on the screen. This application maintains no dependencies on third-party modules and can be run by any Python 3.x interpreter. Installation GNU / Linux Simply clone this repository with git clone andRead More

Networkit – A Growing Open-Source Toolkit For Large-Scale Network Analysis

NetworKit is an open-source tool suite for high-performance network analysis. Its aim is to provide tools for the analysis of large networks in the size range from thousands to billions of edges. For this purpose, it implements efficient graph algorithms, many of them parallel to utilize multicore architectures. These are meant to compute standard measuresRead More

Xmap – A Fast Network Scanner Designed For Performing Internet-wide IPv6 &Amp; IPv4 Network Research Scanning

XMap is a fast network scanner designed for performing Internet-wide IPv6 & IPv4 network research scanning. XMap is reimplemented and improved thoroughly from ZMap and is fully compatible with ZMap, armed with the “5 minutes” probing speed and novel scanning techniques. XMap is capable of scanning the 32-bits address space in under 45 minutes. WithRead More

Attack-Surface-Framework – Tool To Discover External And Internal Network Attack Surface

ASF aims to protect organizations acting as an attack surface watchdog, provided an “Object” which might be a: Domain, IP address or CIDR (Internal or External), ASF will discover assets/subdomains, enumerate their ports and services, track deltas and serve as a continuous and flexible attacking and alerting framework leveraging an additional layer of support againstRead More

Keimpx – Check For Valid Credentials Across A Network Over SMB

keimpx is an open source tool, released under the Apache License 2.0. It can be used to quickly check for valid credentials across a network over SMB. Credentials can be: Combination of user / plain-text password. Combination of user / NTLM hash. Combination of user / NTLM logon session token. If any valid credentials areRead More