Nmap-API – Uses Python3.10, Debian, python-Nmap, And Flask Framework To Create A Nmap API That Can Do Scans With A Good Speed Online And Is Easy To Deploy

Uses python3.10, Debian, python-Nmap, and flask framework to create a Nmap API that can do scans with a good speed online and is easy to deploy. This is a implementation for our college PCL project which is still under development and constantly updating. API Reference Get all items GET /api/p1/{username}:{password}/{target} GET /api/p2/{username}:{password}/{target} GET /api/p3/{username}:{password}/{target} GETRead More

GPT_Vuln-analyzer – Uses ChatGPT API And Python-Nmap Module To Use The GPT3 Model To Create Vulnerability Reports Based On Nmap Scan Data

This is a Proof Of Concept application that demostrates how AI can be used to generate accurate results for vulnerability analysis and also allows further utilization of the already super useful ChatGPT. Requirements Python 3.10 All the packages mentioned in the requirements.txt file OpenAi api Usage First Change the “API__KEY” part of the code withRead More

LiveTargetsFinder – Generates Lists Of Live Hosts And URLs For Targeting, Automating The Usage Of MassDNS, Masscan And Nmap To Filter Out Unreachable Hosts And Gather Service Information

Generates lists of live hosts and URLs for targeting, automating the usage of Massdns, Masscan and nmap to filter out unreachable hosts Given an input file of domain names, this script will automate the usage of MassDNS to filter out unresolvable hosts, and then pass the results on to Masscan to confirm that the hostsRead More

Jfscan – A Super Fast And Customisable Port Scanner, Based On Masscan And NMap

  Killing features Scan with nmap fast! Allows you to scan targets with Masscan and run Nmap on discovered ports with possibility of custom options. Nmap on steroids. * Allows to scan targets in multiple formats. Can output results in domain:port format. Works in stdin/stdout mode, so you can pipe results to other tools. TheRead More

Smap – A Drop-In Replacement For Nmap Powered By Shodan.Io

Smap is a replica of Nmap which uses shodan.io’s free API for port scanning. It takes same command line arguments as Nmap and produces the same output which makes it a drop-in replacament for Nmap. Features Scans 200 hosts per second Doesn’t require any account/api key Vulnerability detection Supports all nmap’s output formats Service andRead More

DivideAndScan – Divide Full Port Scan Results And Use It For Targeted Nmap Runs

Divide Et Impera And Scan (and also merge the scan results) DivideAndScan is used to efficiently automate port scanning routine by splitting it into 3 phases: Discover open ports for a bunch of targets. Run Nmap individually for each target with version grabbing and NSE actions. Merge the results into a single Nmap report (differentRead More

Unimap – Scan Only Once By IP Address And Reduce Scan Times With Nmap For Large Amounts Of Data

Scan only once by IP address and reduce scan times with Nmap for large amounts of data. Unimap is an abbreviation of “Unique Nmap Scan“. The tool can run in Linux, OSX, Windows or Android (Termux) without problems. Why? If you have plans to run an Nmap to a whole organization you need to consideerRead More

O.G. AUTO-RECON – Enumerate A Target Based Off Of Nmap Results

Enumerate a target Based off of Nmap Results Features The purpose of O.G. Auto-Recon is to automate the initial information gathering phase and then enumerate based off those results as much as possible. This tool is intended for CTF’s and can be fairly noisy. (Not the most stealth conscious tool…) All tools in this projectRead More