Obfuscator – The Program Is Designed To Obfuscate The Shellcode

The program is designed to obfuscate the shellcode. Currently the tool supports 2 encryption. 1) XOR2) AES The tool accepts shellcode in 4 formats. 1) base642) hex3) c4) raw Command Line Usage Usage Description—– ———–/f Specify the format of the shellcode base64 hex c raw/enc Specify the encryption type (aes or xor) in which theRead More

Avcleaner – C/C++ Source Obfuscator For Antivirus Bypass

C/C++ source obfuscator for antivirus bypass.Build docker build . -t avcleanerdocker run -v ~/dev/scrt/avcleaner:/home/toto -it avcleaner bash #adapt ~/dev/scrt/avcleaner to the path where you cloned avcleanersudo pacman -Syumkdir CMakeBuild && cd CMakeBuildcmake ..make -j 2./avcleaner.bin –help UsageFor simple programs, this is as easy as: avcleaner.bin test/strings_simplest.c –strings=true — However, you should know that you’re usingRead More

Powerob – An On-The-Fly Powershell Script Obfuscator Meant For Red Team Engagements

An on-the-fly Powershell script obfuscator meant for red team engagements. Built out of necessity.Installationgit clone https://github.com/cwolff411/powerob Usagepython3 powerob.py obfuscate originalfile.ps1 obfuscatedfile.ps1Takes an INPUTFILE obfuscates it and dumps the obfuscated version into OUTPUTFILE.python3 powerob.py listLists all of the currently obfuscated files along with their commands and associated obfuscated commands.python3 powerob.py getcommand Invoke-AllChecksFor reference on the flyRead More