HTTPLoot – An Automated Tool Which Can Simultaneously Crawl, Fill Forms, Trigger Error/Debug Pages And "Loot" Secrets Out Of The Client-Facing Code Of Sites

An automated tool which can simultaneously crawl, fill forms, trigger error/debug pages and “loot” secrets out of the client-facing code of sites. Usage To use the tool, you can grab any one of the pre-built binaries from the Releases section of the repository. If you want to build the source code yourself, you will needRead More

Notionterm – Embed Reverse Shell In Notion Pages

Embed reverse shell in Notion pages. Hack while taking notes FOR: Hiding attacker IP in reverse shell (No direct interaction between attacker and target machine. Notion is used as a proxy hosting the reverse shell) Demo/Quick proof insertion within report High available and shareable reverse shell (desktop, browser, mobile) Encrypted and authenticated remote shell NOTRead More

Socid-Extractor – Extract Accounts Info From Personal Pages On Various Sites For OSINT Purpose

Extract information about a user from profile webpages / API responses and save it in machine-readable format. Usage As a command-line tool: $ socid_extractor –url Francecreated_at: 2005-06-16 18:17:41gender: femaleusername: Muse1908website: [‘’, ‘’, ‘’]tagline: Nothing worth having is easy… Without installing: $ ./ –url As a Python library: >>> import socid_extractor, requests>>> rRead More

403Bypasser – Automates The Techniques Used To Circumvent Access Control Restrictions On Target Pages

403bypasser automates the techniques used to circumvent access control restrictions on target pages. 403bypasser will continue to be improved and it is open to contributions. Installation Clone the repository to your machine. git clone Install required modules by running the code pip install -r requirements.txt READY! Usage Arguments: Argument Description Examples Note -u singleRead More

Behave – A Monitoring Browser Extension For Pages Acting As Bad Boys

A (Still in Development) monitoring browser extension for pages acting as bad boys.NB: This is the code repository of the project, if you’re looking for the packed extensions:Firefox:! monitors and warn if a web page performs any of following actions: Browser based Port Scan Access to Private IPs DNS Rebinding attacks to PrivateRead More