Admin-Scanner – This Tool Is Design To Find Admin Panel Of Any Website By Using Custom Wordlist Or Default Wordlist Easily

Website Admin Panel Finder How To Install (Linux/pc) sudo apt install python3 sudo apt install python3-pip sudo apt install git git clone cd Admin-Scanner How to Install (Termux/Android) pkg update && pkg upgrade pkg install python3 pkg install git git clone cd Admin-Scanner pip3 install -r requirement.txt Usage author: alienwhatevercredit for list.txtorginal-source-of-list.txtRead More

Flux-Keylogger – Modern Javascript Keylogger With Web Panel

Modern javascript keylogger with web panel Web panel: Logging: Keylogger Cookies Location Remote IP User-Agents Installation server files: Upload files from server directory to you server Change default username, password in flux.php Go to Click build Now inject script tag to other documents Download Flux-Keylogger

Betwixt – Web Debugging Proxy Based On Chrome DevTools Network Panel

Betwixt will help you analyze web traffic outside the browser using familiar Chrome DevTools interface. InstallingDownload the latest release for your operating system, build your own bundle or run Betwixt from the source code. Setting upIn order to capture traffic, you’ll have to direct it to the proxy created by Betwixt in the background (http://localhost:8008).IfRead More