Pmanager – Store And Retrieve Your Passwords From A Secure Offline Database. Check If Your Passwords Has Leaked Previously To Prevent Targeted Password Reuse Attacks

Demo Description Store and retrieve your passwords from a secure offline database. Check if your passwords has leaked previously to prevent targeted password reuse attacks. Why develop another password manager ? This project was initially born from my desire to learn Rust. I was tired of using the clunky GUI of keepassxc. I wanted toRead More

Doenerium – Fully Undetected Grabber (Grabs Wallets, Passwords, Cookies, Modifies Discord Client Etc.)

Fully Undetected Grabber (Grabs Wallets, Passwords, Cookies, Modifies Discord Client Etc.) Features Stealer Discord Token Discord Info – Username, Phone number, Email, Billing, Nitro Status & Backup Codes Discord Friends with rare badges Grabs crypto wallets Zcash Armory Bytecoin Jaxx Exodus Ethereum Electrum AtomicWallet Guarda Coinomi Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, OperaGX, Edge, Brave, Yandex) –Read More

FakeLogonScreen – Fake Windows Logon Screen To Steal Passwords

FakeLogonScreen is a utility to fake the Windows logon screen in order to obtain the user’s password. The password entered is validated against the Active Directory or local machine to make sure it is correct and is then displayed to the console or saved to disk. It can either be executed by simply running theRead More

Pantagrule – Large Hashcat Rulesets Generated From Real-World Compromised Passwords

gargantuan hashcat rulesets generated from compromised passwords Project maintenance warning: This project is deemed completed. No pull requests or changes will be made to this project in the future unless they are actual bugs or migrations to allow these rules to work with newer versions of hashcat. Pantagrule is a series of rules for theRead More

CredPhish – A PowerShell Script Designed To Invoke Legitimate Credential Prompts And Exfiltrate Passwords Over DNS

CredPhish is a PowerShell script designed to invoke credential prompts and exfiltrate passwords. It relies on CredentialPicker to collect user passwords, Resolve-DnsName for DNS exfiltration, and Windows Defender’s ConfigSecurityPolicy.exe to perform arbitrary GET requests. For a walkthrough, see the Black Hills Infosec publication. Download CredPhish

HashCheck – Tool To Assist In The Search For Leaked Passwords

This project aims to assist in the search for leaked passwords while maintaining a high level of privacy using the k-anonymity method. To achieve this, the APIs of different services are used, sending only a part of the Hash of the password we want to check, for example, the first 5 characters. Prerequisites The projectRead More

SecretScanner – Find Secrets And Passwords In Container Images And File Systems

Deepfence SecretScanner can find any potential secrets in container images or file systems. What are Secrets? Secrets are any kind of sensitive or private data which gives authorized users permission to access critical IT infrastructure (such as accounts, devices, network, cloud based services), applications, storage, databases and other kinds of critical data for an organization.Read More

Stegseek – Worlds Fastest Steghide Cracker, Chewing Through Millions Of Passwords Per Second

Stegseek is a lightning fast steghide cracker that can be used to extract hidden data from files. It is built as a fork of the original steghide project and, as a result, it is thousands of times faster than other crackers and can run through the entirety of rockyou.txt* in under 2 seconds. Stegseek canRead More

Depix – Recovers Passwords From Pixelized Screenshots

Depix is a tool for recovering passwords from pixelized screenshots. This implementation works on pixelized images that were created with a linear box filter. In this article I cover background information on pixelization and similar research. Example python -p images/testimages/testimage3_pixels.png -s images/searchimages/debruinseq_notepad_Windows10_closeAndSpaced.png -o output.png Usage Cut out the pixelated blocks from the screenshot asRead More