PasteMonitor – Scrape Pastebin API To Collect Daily Pastes, Setup A Wordlist And Be Alerted By Email When You Have A Match

Scrape Pastebin API to collect daily pastes, setup a wordlist and be alerted by email when you have a match. Description The PasteMonitor tool allows you to perform two main actions (for educational purposes only): Download daily new public pastes Average number of pastes per day: 1000-3000 (filetype: .txt) Send automatic email alert You canRead More

Pastego – Scrape/Parse Pastebin Using GO And Expression Grammar (PEG)

Scrape/Parse Pastebin using GO and grammar expression (PEG). Installation $ go get -u Usage Search keywords are case sensitive pastego -s “password,keygen,PASSWORD” You can use boolean operators to reduce false positive pastego -s “quake && ~earthquake, password && ~(php || sudo || Linux || ‘<body>’)” This command will search for bins with quake butRead More