JWT-Hack – Tool To En/Decoding JWT, Generate Payload For JWT Attack And Very Fast Cracking(Dict/Brutefoce)

[*] jwt-hack is tool for hacking / security testing to JWT. Supported for En/decoding JWT, Generate payload for JWT attack and very fast cracking(dict/brutefoce) Installation go-get(dev version) $ go get -u github.com/hahwul/jwt-hack homebrew $ brew tap hahwul/jwt-hack$ brew install jwt-hack snapcraft $ sudo snap install jwt-hack Usage d8p 8d8 d88 888888888 888 888 ,8b. dooooooRead More

Zin – A Payload Injector For Bugbounties Written In Go

A Payload Injector for bugbounties written in go Features Inject multiple payloads into all parameters Inject single payloads into all parameters Saves responses into output folder Displays Status Code & Response Length Can grep for patterns in the response Really fast Easy to setup Install $ go get -u github.com/ethicalhackingplayground/Zin New Features Pattern Matching inRead More

CrossC2 – Generate CobaltStrike’s Cross-Platform Payload

A security framework for enterprises and Red Team personnel, supports CobaltStrike’s penetration testing of other platforms (Linux / MacOS / …), supports custom modules, and includes some commonly used penetration modules.Only for internal use by enterprises and organizations, this framework has a certain degree of instability. Non-professionals are not allowed to use it. Anyone shallRead More

Xeca – PowerShell Payload Generator

xeca is a project that creates encrypted PowerShell payloads for offensive purposes.Creating position independent shellcode from DLL files is also possible.InstallFirstly ensure that rust is installed, then build the project with the following command: cargo build How It Works Identify and encrypt the payload. Load encrypted payload into a powershell script and save to aRead More

SNOWCRASH – A Polyglot Payload Generator

A polyglot payload generator IntroductionSNOWCRASH creates a script that can be launched on both Linux and Windows machines. Payload selected by the user (in this case combined Bash and Powershell code) is embedded into a single polyglot template, which is platform-agnostic.There are few payloads available, including command execution, reverse shell establishment, binary execution and someRead More

Getdroid – FUD Android Payload And Listener

FUD Android Payload And Listener Read the license before using any part from this codeMalicious Android apk generator (Reverse Shell)Legal disclaimer:Usage of GetDroid for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It’s the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible forRead More

Catchyou – FUD Win32 Msfvenom Payload Generator

Fully Undetectable Win32 MSFVenom Payload Generator (meterpreter/shell reverse tcp) Author: github.com/thelinuxchoice/catchyouTwitter: twitter.com/linux_choice Please, don’t upload to VirusTotal! Use https://antiscan.me Features: Fully Undetectable Win32 MSFVenom Payload (meterpreter/shell reverse tcp) Port Forwarding using ngrok Tested: Win7/Win10 Requirements: Metasploit/MSFVenom mingw-w64: apt-get install mingw-w64 Forwarding requirements: Ngrok Authtoken (for TCP Tunneling): Sign up at: https://ngrok.com/signup Your authtoken is availableRead More