Wholeaked – A File-Sharing Tool That Allows You To Find The Responsible Person In Case Of A Leakage

wholeaked is a file-sharing tool that allows you to find the responsible person in case of a leakage. It’s written in Go. How? wholeaked gets the file that will be shared and a list of recipients. It creates a unique signature for each recipient and adds it to the file secretly. After then, it canRead More

Maigret – OSINT Username Checker. Collect A Dossier On A Person By Username From A Huge Number Of Sites

The Commissioner Jules Maigret is a fictional French police detective, created by Georges Simenon. His investigation method is based on understanding the personality of different people and their interactions. About Purpose of Maigret – collect a dossier on a person by username only, checking for accounts on a huge number of sites. This is aRead More

Social-Analyzer – API And Web App For Analyzing And Finding A Person Profile Across +300 Social Media Websites (Detections Are Updated Regularly)

An API for analyzing & finding a person profile across +300 social media websites. It includes different string analysis and detection modules, you can choose which combination of modules to use during the investigation. The detection modules utilize a rating mechanism based on different detection techniques, which produces a rate value that starts from 0Read More