Zphisher-GUI-Back_office – A Zphisher GUI Back-Office Plugin

DISCLAIMER This toolkit contains materials that can be potentially damaging or dangerous for social media. Refer to the laws in your province/country before accessing, using,or in any other way utilizing this in a wrong way. This Tool is made for educational purposes only. Do not attempt to violate the law with anything contained here. IfRead More

DuplicateDump – Dumping LSASS With A Duplicated Handle From Custom LSA Plugin

DuplicateDump is a fork of MirrorDump with following modifications: DInovke implementation LSA plugin DLL written in C++ which could be clean up after dumping LSASS. MirrorDump compile LSA plugin as .NET assembly which would not be unloaded by LSASS process. That’s why MirrorDump failed to delete the plugin. PID of dump process (i.e., DuplicateDump) isRead More

VulFi – Plugin To IDA Pro Which Can Be Used To Assist During Bug Hunting In Binaries

The VulFi (Vulnerability Finder) tool is a plugin to IDA Pro which can be used to assist during bug hunting in binaries. Its main objective is to provide a single view with all cross-references to the most interesting functions (such as strcpy, sprintf, system, etc.). For cases where a Hexrays decompiler can be used, itRead More

Wpgarlic – A Proof-Of-Concept WordPress Plugin Fuzzer

A proof-of-concept WordPress plugin fuzzer used in the research described in https://kazet.cc/2022/02/03/fuzzing-wordpress-plugins.html that helped to discover more than 140 vulnerablities in WordPress plugins installed on almost 15 million sites. If you want to continue the research, start with less popular plugins – if a plugin achieved at least 10k active installs between October 2021 andRead More

Nuclei-Burp-Plugin – Nuclei Plugin For BurpSuite

A BurpSuite plugin intended to help with nuclei template generation. Features Template matcher generation Word and Binary matcher creation using selected response snippets from Proxy history or Repeater contexts Multi-line selections are split to separate words for readability Binary matchers are created for selections containing non-ASCII characters The part field is auto-set based on whetherRead More

Patching – An Interactive Binary Patching Plugin For IDA Pro

Patching assembly code to change the behavior of an existing program is not uncommon in malware analysis, software reverse engineering, and broader domains of security research. This project extends the popular IDA Pro disassembler to create a more robust interactive binary patching workflow designed for rapid iteration. This project is currently powered by a minorRead More

Wireshark-Forensics-Plugin – A cross-platform Wireshark plugin that correlates network traffic data with threat intelligence, asset categorization & vulnerability data

Wireshark is the most widely used network traffic analyzer. It is an important tool for both live traffic analysis & forensic analysis for forensic/malware analysts. Even though Wireshark provides incredibly powerful functionalities for protocol parsing & filtering, it does not provide any contextual information about network endpoints. For a typical analyst, who has to combRead More

MUI – A GUI Plugin For Binary Ninja To Easily Interact With And View The Progress Of Manticore

With the Manticore User Interface (MUI) project, we provide a graphical user interface plugin for Binary Ninja to allow users to easily interact with and view progress of the Manticore symbolic execution engine for analysis of smart contracts and native binaries. ATTENTION This project is under active development and may be unstable or unusable. PleaseRead More

Hashdb-Ida – HashDB API Hash Lookup Plugin For IDA Pro

HashDB IDA Plugin Malware string hash lookup plugin for IDA Pro. This plugin connects to the OALABS HashDB Lookup Service. Adding New Hash Algorithms The hash algorithm database is open source and new algorithms can be added on GitHub here. Pull requests are mostly automated and as long as our automated tests pass the newRead More

efiXplorer – IDA Plugin For UEFI Firmware Analysis And Reverse Engineering Automation

efiXplorer – IDA plugin for UEFI firmware analysis and reverse engineering automation Supported versions of Hex-Rays products: everytime we focus on last versions of IDA and Decompiler because we try to use most recent features from new SDK releases. That means we tested only on recent versions of Hex-Rays products and do not guarantee stableRead More