OFFPORT_KILLER – This Tool Aims At Automating The Identification Of Potential Service Running Behind Ports Identified Manually Either Through Manual Scan Or Services Running Locally

#Manual Port Scanning #Enumerate Potential Service If you like the tool and for my personal motivation so as to develop other tools please a +1 star * INTRO This tool aims at automating the identification of potential service running behind ports identified manually or on services running locally only. The tool is useful: 1. whenRead More

hackerEnv – An Automation Tool That Quickly And Easily Sweep IPs And Scan Ports, Vulnerabilities And Exploit Them

hackerEnv is an automation tool that quickly and easily sweep IPs and scan ports, vulnerabilities and exploit them. Then, it hands you an interactive shell for further testing. Also, it generates HTML and docx reports. It uses other tools such as nmap, nikto, metasploit and hydra. Works in kali linux and Parrot OS. Do notRead More – Get Ports, Vulnerabilities, Informations, Banners, ..Etc For Any IP With Shodan (No Apikey! No Rate-Limit!)

Get ports,vulnerabilities,informations,banners,..etc for any IP with Shodan (no apikey! no rate limit!)Usage # python3 <ip> [OPTIONS] e.g: python3 python3 –getports python3 –getvuln python3 –getinfo python3 –getmoreinfo python3 –getbanner python3 –getports –getvuln python3 –proxy support pipeline, –stdin optionRead More