ShadowClone – Unleash The Power Of Cloud

ShadowClone allows you to distribute your long running tasks dynamically across thousands of serverless functions and gives you the results within seconds where it would have taken hours to complete. You can make full use of the Free Tiers provided by cloud providers and supercharge your mundane cli tools with shadow clone jutsu (Naruto style)!Read More

ShonyDanza – A Customizable, Easy-To-Navigate Tool For Researching, Pen Testing, And Defending With The Power Of Shodan

A customizable, easy-to-navigate tool for researching, pen testing, and defending with the power of Shodan. With ShonyDanza, you can: Obtain IPs based on search criteria Automatically exclude honeypots from the results based on your pre-configured thresholds Pre-configure all IP searches to filter on your specified net range(s) Pre-configure search limits Use build-a-search to craft searchesRead More

LazySign – Create Fake Certs For Binaries Using Windows Binaries And The Power Of Bat Files

Create fake certs for binaries using windows binaries and the power of bat files Over the years, several cool tools have been released that are capeable of stealing or forging fake signatures for binary files. All of these tools however, have additional dependencies which require Go,python,… This repo gives you the opportunity of fake signingRead More