Kerberoast – Kerberoast Attack -Pure Python-

Kerberos attack toolkit -pure python-  Install pip3 install kerberoast Prereqirements Python 3.6 See requirements.txt For the impatient IMPORTANT: the accepted target url formats for LDAP and Kerberos are the following <ldap_connection_url> : <protocol>+<auth-type>://<domain><user>:<password>@<ip_or_hostname>/?<param1>=<value1> <kerberos_connection_url>: <protocol>+<auth-type>://<domain><user>:<password>@<ip_or_hostname>/?<param1>=<value1> Steps -with SSPI-: kerberoast auto <DC_ip> Steps -SSPI not used-: Look for vulnerable users via LDAP kerberoast ldap all <ldap_connection_url>Read More

Sak1To-Shell – Multi-threaded C2 Server And Reverse Shell Client Written In Pure C

Multi-threaded c2 server and reverse TCP shell client written in pure C (Windows). Command list: list: list available connections. interact, interact with client. download [filename]: download a file from client. upload [filename]: upload a file to client. background: background client. exit: terminate client or server. cd [dir]: change directory on client. Download Sak1To-Shell

Dnxfirewall – A Pure Python Next Generation Firewall Built On Top Of Linux Kernel/Netfilter

DNX Firewall is an optimized/high performance collection of applications or services to convert a standard linux system into a zone based next generation firewall. All software is designed to run in conjunction with eachother, but with a modular design certain aspects can be completely removed with little effort. The primary security modules have DIRECT/INLINE controlRead More

Pypykatz – Mimikatz Implementation In Pure Python

Mimikatz implementation in pure Python. At least a part of it 🙂Runs on all OS’s which support python>=3.6 WIKISince version 0.1.1 the command line changed a little. Worry not, I have an awesome WIKI for you.InstallingInstall it via pip or by cloning it from github.The installer will create a pypykatz executable in the python’s ScriptRead More