Pycrypt – Python Based Crypter That Can Bypass Any Kinds Of Antivirus Products

Python Based Crypter That Can Bypass Any Kinds Of Antivirus Products Important: Make Sure your payload file have all the libraries import and it will be a valid payload file How To Use: Find Any Python Based Backdoor/RAT on github. Crypt its payload with pycrypt Now Convert crypted payload to exe using pyinstaller Enjoy Note:Read More

xnLinkFinder – A Python Tool Used To Discover Endpoints (And Potential Parameters) For A Given Target

About – v2.0 This is a tool used to discover endpoints (and potential parameters) for a given target. It can find them by: crawling a target (pass a domain/URL) crawling multiple targets (pass a file of domains/URLs) searching files in a given directory (pass a directory name) get them from a Burp project (pass locationRead More

pyFlipper – Unoffical Flipper Zero Cli Wrapper Written In Python

Unoffical Flipper Zero cli wrapper written in Python Functions and characteristics: Flipper serial CLI wrapper Websocket client interface Setup instructions: $ git clone$ cd pyFlipper$ python3 -m venv venv$ source venv/bin/activate$ pip install -r requirements.txt Tested on: Python 3.8.10 on Linux 5.4.0 x86_64 Python 3.10.5 on Android 12 (Termux + OTGSerial2WebSocket NO ROOT REQUIRED)Read More

Coercer – A Python Script To Automatically Coerce A Windows Server To Authenticate On An Arbitrary Machine Through 9 Methods

A python script to automatically coerce a Windows server to authenticate on an arbitrary machine through 9 methods. Features Automatically detects open SMB pipes on the remote machine. Calls one by one all the vulnerable RPC functions to coerce the server to authenticate on an arbitrary machine. Analyze mode with –analyze, which only lists theRead More

ApacheTomcatScanner – A Python Script To Scan For Apache Tomcat Server Vulnerabilities

A python script to scan for Apache Tomcat server vulnerabilities. Features Multithreaded workers to search for Apache tomcat servers. Multiple target source possible: Retrieving list of computers from a Windows domain through an LDAP query to use them as a list of targets. Reading targets line by line from a file. Reading individual targets (IP/DNS/CIDR)Read More

Masky – Python Library With CLI Allowing To Remotely Dump Domain User Credentials Via An ADCS Without Dumping The LSASS Process Memory

Masky is a python library providing an alternative way to remotely dump domain users’ credentials thanks to an ADCS. A command line tool has been built on top of this library in order to easily gather PFX, NT hashes and TGT on a larger scope. This tool does not exploit any new vulnerability and doesRead More

Atomic-Operator – A Python Package Is Used To Execute Atomic Red Team Tests (Atomics) Across Multiple Operating System Environments

This python package is used to execute Atomic Red Team tests (Atomics) across multiple operating system environments. (What’s new?)   Why? atomic-operator enables security professionals to test their detection and defensive capabilities against prescribed techniques defined within atomic-red-team. By utilizing a testing framework such as atomic-operator, you can identify both your defensive capabilities as wellRead More

Frelatage – The Python Fuzzer That The World Deserves

pip3 install frelatage Current release : 0.0.7 Frelatage is a coverage-based Python fuzzing library which can be used to fuzz python code. The development of Frelatage was inspired by various other fuzzers, including AFL/AFL++, Atheris and PythonFuzz. The main purpose of the project is to take advantage of the best features of these fuzzers andRead More