Ransomware-Simulator – Ransomware Simulator Written In Golang

The goal of this repository is to provide a simple, harmless way to check your AV’s protection on ransomware. This tool simulates typical ransomware behaviour, such as: Staging from a Word document macro Deleting Volume Shadow Copies Encrypting documents (embedded and dropped by the simulator into a new folder) Dropping a ransomware note to theRead More

PSRansom – PowerShell Ransomware Simulator With C2 Server

PSRansom is a PowerShell Ransomware Simulator with C2 Server capabilities. This tool helps you simulate encryption process of a generic ransomware in any system on any system with PowerShell installed on it. Thanks to the integrated C2 server, you can exfiltrate files and receive client information via HTTP. All communication between the two elements isRead More

BaphoDashBoard – Dashboard For Manage And Generate The Baphomet Ransomware

With this proyect we will be able to handle the data of the victims we obtain with Baphomet Ransomware. BaphoDashBoard is developed in C# under framework dotnet-core 3.1. Both Baphomet Ransomware and BaphoDashBoard proyects are thrown out for educational purposes and so we can get something out of it to learn new things. DashBoard featuresRead More

DeathRansom – A Ransomware Developed In Python, With Bypass Technics, For Educational Purposes

What is a ransomware?A ransomware is malware that encrypts all your files and shows a ransom request, which tells you to pay a set amount, usually in bitcoins (BTC), in a set time to decrypt your files, or he will delete your files. How it works?First, the script checks if it’s in a sandbox, debugger,Read More