Feroxbuster – A Fast, Simple, Recursive Content Discovery Tool Written In Rust

What the heck is a ferox anyway? Ferox is short for Ferric Oxide. Ferric Oxide, simply put, is rust. The name rustbuster was taken, so I decided on a variation. What’s it do tho? feroxbuster is a tool designed to perform Forced Browsing. Forced browsing is an attack where the aim is to enumerate andRead More

Syborg – Recursive DNS Subdomain Enumerator With Dead-End Avoidance System

Syborg is a Recursive DNS Domain Enumerator which is neither active nor completely passive. This tool simply constructs a domain name and queries it with a specified DNS Server.Syborg has a Dead-end Avoidance system inspired from @Tomnomnom‘s ettu.When you run subdomain enumeration with some of the tools, most of them passively query public records likeRead More