Reverseip_Py – Domain Parser For Reverse IP Lookup

Domain parser for Reverse IP Lookup. Writen in Python 3. What is Reverse IP? Reverse IP refers to the process of looking up all the domain names that are hosted on a particular IP address. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as identifying all the websites that are hosted onRead More

Powershell-Backdoor-Generator – Obfuscated Powershell Reverse Backdoor With Flipper Zero And USB Rubber Ducky Payloads

[*] Reverse backdoor written in Powershell and obfuscated with Python. Allowing the backdoor to have a new signature after every run. Also can generate auto run scripts for Flipper Zero and USB Rubber Ducky. usage: [-h] [–ip-address IP_ADDRESS] [–port PORT] [–random] [–out OUT] [–verbose] [–delay DELAY] [–flipper FLIPPER] [–ducky] [–server-port SERVER_PORT] [–payload PAYLOAD] [–list–payloads]Read More

Reverse_SSH – SSH Based Reverse Shell

Want to use SSH for reverse shells? Now you can. Manage and connect to reverse shells with native SSH syntax Dynamic, local and remote forwarding Native SCP and SFTP implementations for retrieving files from your targets Full windows shell Mutual client & server authentication to create high trust control channels And more! +—————-+ +———+ |Read More

PSAsyncShell – PowerShell Asynchronous TCP Reverse Shell

PSAsyncShell is an Asynchronous TCP Reverse Shell written in pure PowerShell. Unlike other reverse shells, all the communication and execution flow is done asynchronously, allowing to bypass some firewalls and some countermeasures against this kind of remote connections. Additionally, this tool features command history, screen wiping, file uploading and downloading, information splitting through chunks andRead More

FISSURE – Frequency Independent SDR-based Signal Understanding and Reverse Engineering

Frequency Independent SDR-based Signal Understanding and Reverse Engineering FISSURE is an open-source RF and reverse engineering framework designed for all skill levels with hooks for signal detection and classification, protocol discovery, attack execution, IQ manipulation, vulnerability analysis, automation, and AI/ML. The framework was built to promote the rapid integration of software modules, radios, protocols, signalRead More

Hoaxshell – An Unconventional Windows Reverse Shell, Currently Undetected By Microsoft Defender And Various Other AV Solutions, Solely Based On Http(S) Traffic

hoaxshell is an unconventional Windows reverse shell, currently undetected by Microsoft Defender and possibly other AV solutions as it is solely based on http(s) traffic. The tool is easy to use, it generates it’s own PowerShell payload and it supports encryption (ssl). So far, it has been tested on fully updated Windows 11 Enterprise andRead More

RESim – Reverse Engineering Software Using A Full System Simulator

Reverse engineering using a full system simulator. Dynamic analysis by instrumenting simulated hardware using Simics Trace process trees, system calls and individual programs Reverse execution to selected breakpoints and events Integrated with IDA Pro(tm) debugging client Fuzz with a customized AFL, injecting directly into simulated memory RESim is a dynamic system analysis tool that providesRead More

Notionterm – Embed Reverse Shell In Notion Pages

Embed reverse shell in Notion pages. Hack while taking notes FOR: Hiding attacker IP in reverse shell (No direct interaction between attacker and target machine. Notion is used as a proxy hosting the reverse shell) Demo/Quick proof insertion within report High available and shareable reverse shell (desktop, browser, mobile) Encrypted and authenticated remote shell NOTRead More

Hakoriginfinder – Tool For Discovering The Origin Host Behind A Reverse Proxy. Useful For Bypassing Cloud WAFs!

Tool for discovering the origin host behind a reverse proxy. Useful for bypassing WAFs and other reverse proxies. How does it work? This tool will first make a HTTP request to the hostname that you provide and store the response, then it will make a request to every IP address that you provide via HTTPRead More

Tornado – Anonymously Reverse Shell Over Tor Network Using Hidden Services Without Portforwarding

anonymously reverse shell over onion network using hidden services without portfortwarding Explore the docs fully undetectable reverse shell · View Demo · bulletproof anonymity If you are having any operating system compatiblity issue, let me know. I will try to fix as soon as possible so let’s explore the docs.   What is tornado? TornadoRead More