Notionterm – Embed Reverse Shell In Notion Pages

Embed reverse shell in Notion pages. Hack while taking notes FOR: Hiding attacker IP in reverse shell (No direct interaction between attacker and target machine. Notion is used as a proxy hosting the reverse shell) Demo/Quick proof insertion within report High available and shareable reverse shell (desktop, browser, mobile) Encrypted and authenticated remote shell NOTRead More

Hakoriginfinder – Tool For Discovering The Origin Host Behind A Reverse Proxy. Useful For Bypassing Cloud WAFs!

Tool for discovering the origin host behind a reverse proxy. Useful for bypassing WAFs and other reverse proxies. How does it work? This tool will first make a HTTP request to the hostname that you provide and store the response, then it will make a request to every IP address that you provide via HTTPRead More

Tornado – Anonymously Reverse Shell Over Tor Network Using Hidden Services Without Portforwarding

anonymously reverse shell over onion network using hidden services without portfortwarding Explore the docs fully undetectable reverse shell · View Demo · bulletproof anonymity If you are having any operating system compatiblity issue, let me know. I will try to fix as soon as possible so let’s explore the docs.   What is tornado? TornadoRead More

Xepor – Web Routing Framework For Reverse Engineers And Security Researchers, Brings The Best Of Mitmproxy And Flask

Xepor (pronounced /ˈzɛfə/, zephyr), a web routing framework for reverse engineers and security researchers. It provides a Flask-like API for hackers to intercept and modify HTTP request and/or HTTP response in a human-friendly coding style. This project is meant to be used with mitmproxy. User write scripts with xepor, and run the script inside mitmproxyRead More

PowerProxy – PowerShell SOCKS Proxy With Reverse Proxy Capabilities

PowerShell SOCKS proxy with reverse proxy capabilities. PowerProxy is written with penetration testers in mind. Reverse proxy functionality is a priority, for traversing networks that block inbound connections. Reverse proxy connections are encrypted by default. Username/Password authentication is supported for Socks 5 connections. Setup Import the script: iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring(“”) # ORImport-Module \ canRead More

LAZYPARIAH – A Tool For Generating Reverse Shell Payloads On The Fly

A low-dependency command-line tool for generating reverse shell payloads on the fly. Description LAZYPARIAH is a simple and easily installable command-line tool written in pure Ruby that can be used during penetration tests and capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions to generate a range of reverse shell payloads on the fly. The reverse shell payloads that LAZYPARIAH supportsRead More

Rathole – A Lightweight, Stable And High-Performance Reverse Proxy For NAT Traversal, Written In Rust. An Alternative To Frp And Ngrok

A secure, stable and high-performance reverse proxy for NAT traversal, written in Rust rathole, like frp and ngrok, can help to expose the service on the device behind the NAT to the Internet, via a server with a public IP. Features High Performance Much higher throughput can be achieved than frp, and more stable whenRead More

reFlutter – Flutter Reverse Engineering Framework

This framework helps with Flutter apps reverse engineering using the patched version of the Flutter library which is already compiled and ready for app repacking. This library has snapshot deserialization process modified to allow you perform dynamic analysis in a convenient way. Key features: is patched for traffic monitoring and interception; is modifiedRead More

XC – A Small Reverse Shell For Linux And Windows

Netcat like reverse shell for Linux & Windows. Features Windows Usage:└ Shared Commands: !exit !upload <src> <dst> * uploads a file to the target !download <src> <dst> * downloads a file from the target !lfwd <localport> <remoteaddr> <remoteport> * local portforwarding (like ssh -L) !rfwd <remoteport> <localaddr> <localport> * remote portforwarding (like ssh -R) !lsfwdRead More

efiXplorer – IDA Plugin For UEFI Firmware Analysis And Reverse Engineering Automation

efiXplorer – IDA plugin for UEFI firmware analysis and reverse engineering automation Supported versions of Hex-Rays products: everytime we focus on last versions of IDA and Decompiler because we try to use most recent features from new SDK releases. That means we tested only on recent versions of Hex-Rays products and do not guarantee stableRead More