RPC Firewall – Stopping Lateral Movement via the RPC Firewall

I Need More Information Check out our RPC Firewall blog post to gain better understanding of RPC, RPC attacks and the solution: the RPC Firewall. For any questions, issues, or simlpy to shout out – we would love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected] Why should I care? RPC is the underlying mechanismRead More

Teatime – An RPC Attack Framework For Blockchain Nodes

Teatime is an RPC attack framework aimed at making it easy to spot misconfigurations in blockchain nodes. It detects a large variety of issues, ranging from information leaks to open accounts, and configuration manipulation. The goal is to enable tools scanning for vulnerable nodes and minimizing the risk of node-based attacks due to common vulnerabilities.Read More

ToRat – A Remote Administation Tool Written In Go Using Tor As A Transport Mechanism And RPC For Communication

A Cross Platform Remote Administration tool written in Go using Tor as its transport mechanism currently supporting Windows, Linux, MacOS clients. How to How to use ToRat Preview Current Features RPC (Remote procedure Call) based communication for easy addition of new functionallity Automatic upx leads to client binaries of ~6MB with embedded Tor the ToRAT_clientRead More

Cooolis-ms – A Server That Supports The Metasploit Framework RPC

Cooolis-ms is a server that supports Metasploit Framework RPC. It is used to work for Shellcode and PE loader, bypassing the static detection of anti-virus software to a certain extent, and allows the Cooolis-ms server to perform with the Metasploit server separate. Loader execution process: connect to Cooolis-Server Cooolis-Server connects to Metasploit RPC server retrieveRead More