Bbscope – Scope Gathering Tool For HackerOne, Bugcrowd, And Intigriti!

The ultimate scope gathering tool for HackerOne, Bugcrowd, and Intigriti by sw33tLie. Need to grep all the large scope domains that you’ve got on your bug bounty platforms? This is the right tool for the job. What about getting a list of android apps that you are allowed to test? We’ve got you covered asRead More

3klCon – Automation Recon Tool Which Works With Large And Medium Scope

Full Automation Recon tool which works with Small and Medium scopes. ّIt’s recommended to use it on VPS, it’ll discover secrets and searching for vulnerabilities So, Welcome and let’s deep into it <3 Updates Version 1.1, what’s new? (Very Recommended) Fixing multiple issues with the used tools. Upgrading to python3 Editing the tool’s methedology, youRead More

Vajra – A Highly Customi zable Target And Scope Based Automated Web Hacking Framework To Automate Boring Recon Tasks

An automated web hacking framework for web applications Detailed insight about Vajra can be found at  About Vajra   Vajra is an automated web hacking framework to automate boring recon tasks and same scans for multiple target during web applications penetration testing. Vajra has highly customizable target scope based scan feature. Instead of runningRead More