GitDorker – A Tool To Scrape Secrets From GitHub Through Usage Of A Large Repository Of Dorks

GitDorker is a tool that utilizes the GitHub Search API and an extensive list of GitHub dorks that I’ve compiled from various sources to provide an overview of sensitive information stored on github given a search query. The Primary purpose of GitDorker is to provide the user with a clean and tailored attack surface toRead More

Lk Scraper – An Fully Configurable Linkedin Scrape (Scrape Anything Within Linkedin)

Scrapes Any Linkedin Data Installation $ pip install git+git:// Setup Using Docker compose $ docker-compose up -d$ docker-compose run lk_scraper python3 Using Docker only for selenium serverFirst, you need to run a selenium server $ docker run -d -p 4444:4444 –shm-size 2g selenium/standalone-firefox:3.141.59-20200326 After running this command, from the browser navigate to your IP addressRead More