ODBParser – OSINT Tool To Search, Parse And Dump Only The Open Elasticsearch And MongoDB Directories That Have The Data You Care About Exposing

ODBParser is a tool to search for PII being exposed in open databases. ONLY to be used to identify exposed PII and warn server owners of irresponsible database maintenance OR to query databases you have permission to access! PLEASE USE RESPONSIBLY What is this? Wrote this as wanted to create one-stop OSINT tool for searching,Read More

Bugs-feed – A Local Hosted Portal Where You Can Search For The Latest News, Videos, CVEs, Vulnerabilities…

Bug’s feed is a local hosted portal where you can search for the latest news, videos, CVEs, vulnerabilities… It’s implemented as a PWA application so you can get rid of the explorer and use it as a desktop application. Navigate through different tabs and take a look to the latest bugs or search in allRead More

Domhttpx – A Google Search Engine Dorker With HTTP Toolkit Built With Python, Can Make It Easier For You To Find Many URLs/IPs At Once With Fast Time

domhttpx is a google search engine dorker with HTTP toolkit built with python, can make it easier for you to find many URLs/IPs at once with fast time. Usage Flags This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports. Flag Description Example -ip, –only-ip Show output as IP only domhttpxRead More

FRIDA-DEXDump – Fast Search And Dump Dex On Memory

Features support fuzzy search broken header dex. fix struct data of dex-header. compatible with all android version(frida supported). support loading as objection plugin ~ pypi package has been released ~ Requires frida: pip install frida [optional] click pip install click Installation From pypi pip3 install frida-dexdumpfrida-dexdump -h From source git clone https://github.com/hluwa/FRIDA-DEXDumpcd FRIDA-DEXDump/frida-dexdumppython3 main.py -hRead More

HashCheck – Tool To Assist In The Search For Leaked Passwords

This project aims to assist in the search for leaked passwords while maintaining a high level of privacy using the k-anonymity method. To achieve this, the APIs of different services are used, sending only a part of the Hash of the password we want to check, for example, the first 5 characters. Prerequisites The projectRead More

Etherblob-Explorer – Search And Extract Blob Files On The Ethereum Blockchain Network

[*] Search and extract blob files on the Ethereum network using Etherscan.io API. Introduction EtherBlob Explorer is a tool intended for researchers, analysts, CTF players or anyone curious enough wanting to search for different kinds of files or any meaningful human-supplied data on the Ethereum Blockchain Network. It searches over a user-supplied range of blockRead More

Ldsview – Offline search tool for LDAP directory dumps in LDIF format

Offline search tool for LDAP directory dumps in LDIF format. Features Fast and memory efficient parsing of LDIF files Build ldapsearch commands to extract an LDIF from a directory Show directory structure UAC and directory time format translation Config Config options can be passed as CLI flags, environment variables, or via a config file courtseyRead More