KoodousFinder – A Simple Tool To Allows Users To Search For And Analyze Android Apps For Potential Security Threats And Vulnerabilities

A simple tool to allows users to search for and analyze android apps for potential security threats and vulnerabilities Account and API Key Create a Koodous account and get your api key https://koodous.com/settings/developers Install $ pip install koodousfinder Arguments Param description -h, –help ‘Show this help message and exit’ –package-name “General search for APKs”` –app-nameRead More

GVision – A Reverse Image Search App That Use Google Cloud Vision API To Detect Landmarks And Web Entities From Images, Helping You Gather Valuable Information Quickly And Easily

GVision is a reverse image search app that use Google Cloud Vision API to detect landmarks and web entities from images, helping you gather valuable information quickly and easily. About Google Cloud Vision API Google Cloud Vision API is a machine learning-powered image analysis service that provides developers with tools to understand the contents ofRead More

X-force – IBM Security Utilitary Library In Python. Search And Query All Sources: Threat_Activities And Groups, Malware_Analysis, Industries

IBM Security X-FORCE Exchange library in Python 3. Search: threat_activities, threat_groups, malware_analysis, collector and industries. Install pip3 install XForce Use Using you API_KEY make a basic authentication. After make a base64 code → Key + : + Password: printf “d2f5f0f9-2995-42c6-b1dd-4c92252da129:06c41d5e-0604-4c7c-a599-300c367d2090” | base64# ZDJmNWYwZjktMjk5NS00MmM2LWIxZGQtNGM5MjI1MmRhMTI5OjA2YzQxZDVlLTA2MDQtNGM3Yy1hNTk5LTMwMGMzNjdkMjA5MAo= Using API_KEY, call functions. Call functions Threat activity search return in string XForce.threat_activities(Term, API_KEY)Read More

SXDork – A Powerful Tool That Utilizes The Technique Of Google Dorking To Search For Specific Information On The Internet

SXDork is a powerful tool that utilizes the technique of google dorking to search for specific information on the internet. Google dorking is a method of using advanced search operators and keywords to uncover sensitive information that is publicly available on the internet. SXDork offers a wide range of options to search for different typesRead More

Darkdump2 – Search The Deep Web Straight From Your Terminal

About Darkdump (Recent Notice – 12/27/22) Darkdump is a simple script written in Python3.11 in which it allows users to enter a search term (query) in the command line and darkdump will pull all the deep web sites relating to that query. Darkdump2.0 is here, enjoy! Installation git clone https://github.com/josh0xA/darkdump cd darkdump python3 -m pipRead More

Blackbird – An OSINT Tool To Search For Accounts By Username In 101 Social Networks

Blackbird An OSINT tool to search fast for accounts by username across 101 sites. The Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” is a long-range, high-altitude, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft developed and manufactured by the American aerospace company Lockheed Corporation. Disclaimer This or previous program is for Educational purpose ONLY. Do not use it without permission. The usualRead More

Uncover – Quickly Discover Exposed Hosts On The Internet Using Multiple Search Engine

uncover is a go wrapper using APIs of well known search engines to quickly discover exposed hosts on the internet. It is built with automation in mind, so you can query it and utilize the results with your current pipeline tools. Currently, it supports shodan, censys, and fofa search engine. Features Simple and Handy utilityRead More

Dome – Fast And Reliable Python Script That Makes Active And/Or Passive Scan To Obtain Subdomains And Search For Open Ports

Check the Spanish Version Dome is a fast and reliable python script that makes active and/or passive scan to obtain subdomains and search for open ports. This tool is recommended for bug bounty hunters and pentester in their reconnaissance phase. the more surface area exposed the faster a rock with break down If you wantRead More

Geowifi – Search WiFi Geolocation Data By BSSID And SSID On Different Public Databases

Search WiFi geolocation data by BSSID and SSID on different public databases. Databases: Wigle Apple OpenWifi Milnikov Prerequisites Python3. In order to display emojis on Windows, it is recommended to install the new Windows terminal. ⚠️ In order to use the Wigle service it is necessary to obtain an API and configure the utils/API.yaml fileRead More

Searpy – Search Engine Tookit

1. Install git clone https://github.com/j3ers3/Searpypip install -r requirement.txt配置API及账号 ./config.pypython Searpy -h 2. Help baidu Engine –google Using google Engine –so Using 360so Engine –bing Using bing Engine –shodan Using shodan Engine –fofa Using fofa Engine –zoomeye Using zoomeye Engine –goo Using goo Engine –yahoo Using yahoo Engine SCRIPT: –shodan_icon SHODAN_ICON Get ip list which usingRead More