EAST – Extensible Azure Security Tool – Documentation

Extensible Azure Security Tool (Later referred as E.A.S.T) is tool for assessing Azure and to some extent Azure AD security controls. Primary use case of EAST is Security data collection for evaluation in Azure Assessments. This information (JSON content) can then be used in various reporting tools, which we use to further correlate and investigateRead More

BlueHound – Tool That Helps Blue Teams Pinpoint The Security Issues That Actually Matter

BlueHound is an open-source tool that helps blue teams pinpoint the security issues that actually matter. By combining information about user permissions, network access and unpatched vulnerabilities, BlueHound reveals the paths attackers would take if they were inside your network It is a fork of NeoDash, reimagined, to make it suitable for defensive security purposes.Read More

DC-Sonar – Analyzing AD Domains For Security Risks Related To User Accounts

DC Sonar Community Repositories The project consists of repositories: dc-sonar-frontend dc-sonar-user-layer dc-sonar-workers-layer ntlm-scrutinizer Disclaimer It’s only for education purposes. Avoid using it on the production Active Directory (AD) domain. Neither contributor incur any responsibility for any using it. Social media Check out our Red Team community Telegram channel Description Architecture For the visual descriptions, openRead More

Ghauri – An Advanced Cross-Platform Tool That Automates The Process Of Detecting And Exploiting SQL Injection Security Flaws

An advanced cross-platform tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection security flaws Requirements Python 3 Python pip3 Installation cd to ghauri directory. install requirements: python3 -m pip install –upgrade -r requirements.txt run: python3 setup.py install or python3 -m pip install -e . you will be able to access and run theRead More

YATAS – A Simple Tool To Audit Your AWS Infrastructure For Misconfiguration Or Potential Security Issues With Plugins Integration

Yet Another Testing & Auditing Solution The goal of YATAS is to help you create a secure AWS environment without too much hassle. It won’t check for all best practices but only for the ones that are important for you based on my experience. Please feel free to tell me if you find something thatRead More

Legitify – Detect And Remediate Misconfigurations And Security Risks Across All Your GitHub Assets

Strengthen the security posture of your GitHub organization! Detect and remediate misconfigurations, security and compliance issues across all your GitHub assets with ease   Installation You can download the latest legitify release from https://github.com/Legit-Labs/legitify/releases, each archive contains: Legitify binary for the desired platform Built-in policies provided by Legit Security From source with the following steps:Read More

nuvola – Tool To Dump And Perform Automatic And Manual Security Analysis On Aws Environments Configurations And Services

nuvola (with the lowercase n) is a tool to dump and perform automatic and manual security analysis on AWS environments configurations and services using predefined, extensible and custom rules created using a simple Yaml syntax. The general idea behind this project is to create an abstracted digital twin of a cloud platform. For a moreRead More

Bomber – Scans Software Bill Of Materials (SBOMs) For Security Vulnerabilities

bomber is an application that scans SBOMs for security vulnerabilities. Overview So you’ve asked a vendor for an Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for one of their closed source products, and they provided one to you in a JSON file… now what? The first thing you’re going to want to do is see if anyRead More

Matano – The Open-Source Security Lake Platform For AWS

Matano is an open source security lake platform for AWS. It lets you ingest petabytes of security and log data from various sources, store and query them in an open Apache Iceberg data lake, and create Python detections as code for realtime alerting. Matano is fully serverless and designed specifically for AWS and focuses onRead More