Snap-Scraper – Snap Scraper Enables Users To Download Media Uploaded To Snapchat’s Snap Map Using A Set Of Latitude And Longitude Coordinates

Snap Scraper is an open source intelligence tool which enables users to download media uploaded to Snapchat’s Snap Map using a set of latitude and longitiude co-ordinates. This project is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Snap inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This program is for education,Read More

Private Set Membership (PSM) – Cryptographic Protocol That Allows Clients To Privately Query

Private Set Membership (PSM) is a cryptographic protocol that allows clients to privately query whether the client’s identifier is a member of a set of identifiers held by a server in a privacy-preserving manner. At a high level, PSM provides the following privacy guarantees: The server does not learn the client’s queried identifier in theRead More

Weakpass – Rule-Based Online Generator To Create A Wordlist Based On A Set Of Words

The tool generates a wordlist based on a set of words entered by the user. For example, during penetration testing, you need to gain access to some service, device, account, or Wi-Fi network that is password protected. For example, let it be the Wi-Fi network of EvilCorp. Sometimes, a password is a combination of device/network/organizationRead More

Allstar – GitHub App To Set And Enforce Security Policies

Allstar is a GitHub App installed on organizations or repositories to set and enforce security policies. Its goal is to be able to continuously monitor and detect any GitHub setting or repository file contents that may be risky or do not follow security best practices. If Allstar finds a repository to be out of compliance,Read More

Fully-Homomorphic-Encryption – Libraries And Tools To Perform Fully Homomorphic Encryption Operations On An Encrypted Data Set

This repository contains open-source libraries and tools to perform fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) operations on an encrypted data set. About Fully Homomorphic Encryption Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is an emerging data processing paradigm that allows developers to perform transformations on encrypted data. FHE can change the way computations are performed by preserving privacy end-to-end, therebyRead More

HiddenEyeReborn – HiddenEye With Completely New Codebase And Better Features Set

HiddenEye: Reborn is my second try on doing multi-featured tool for human mistakes exploitation. Currently, HE: RE has mainly phishing features. But we are planning on adding more, you can follow development progress by looking at (REMIND ME TO DO ROADMAP) or Projects Tab on GitHub Disclaimer The use of the HiddenEye: Reborn and/or itsRead More

Entropy Toolkit – A Set Of Tools To Exploit Netwave And GoAhead IP Webcams

Entropy Toolkit is a set of tools to exploit Netwave and GoAhead IP Webcams. Entropy is a powerful toolkit for webcams penetration testing. Getting started Entropy installation cd entropy chmod +x ./ Entropy uninstallation cd entropy chmod +x ./ Entropy Toolkit execution entropy -h usage: entropy [-h] [-b [1|2]] [-o <outputfile>] [–timeout <timeout>]Read More