Shellcodetester – An Application To Test Windows And Linux Shellcodes

This tools test generated ShellCodes. Usage Exemple ShellCode Tester Linux Instalation git clone shellcodetester/Linuxmake Usage Without break-point: shellcodetester [file.asm] With break-point (INT3). The break-point will be inserted before our generated shellcode: shellcodetester [file.asm] –break-point Download Shellcodetester

Scemu – X86 32bits Emulator, For Securely Emulating Shellcodes

x86 32bits emulator, for securely emulating shellcodes. Features ´ôŽ rust safety, good for malware. All dependencies are in rust. zero unsafe{} blocks. very fast emulation (much faster than unicorn) 3,000,000 instructions/second 100,000 instructions/second printing every instruction -vv. powered by iced-x86 rust dissasembler awesome library. iteration detector. memory and register tracking. colorized. stop at specific momentRead More

ThreadStackSpoofer – PoC For An Advanced In-Memory Evasion Technique Allowing To Better Hide Injected Shellcode’S Memory Allocation From Scanners And Analysts

[*] A PoC implementation for an advanced in-memory evasion technique that spoofs Thread Call Stack. This technique allows to bypass thread-based memory examination rules and better hide shellcodes while in-process memory. Intro This is an example implementation for Thread Stack Spoofing technique aiming to evade Malware Analysts, AVs and EDRs looking for references to shellcode’sRead More

Shellex – C-shellcode To Hex Converter, Handy Tool For Paste And Execute Shellcodes In Gdb, Windbg, Radare2, Ollydbg, X64Dbg, Immunity Debugger And 010 Editor

C-shellcode to hex converter. Handy tool for paste & execute shellcodes in gdb, windbg, radare2, ollydbg, x64dbg, immunity debugger & 010 editor. Are you having problems converting C-shellcodes to HEX (maybe c-comments+ASCII mixed?) Here is shellex. If the shellcode can be compiled in a C compiler shellex can convert it. Just execute shellex, paste theRead More