Norimaci – Simple And Lightweight Malware Analysis Sandbox For macOS

[*] “Norimaci” is a simple and lightweight malware analysis sandbox for macOS. This tool was inspired by “Noriben“. Norimaci uses the features of OpenBSM or to monitor macOS system activity instead of Sysinternals Process Monitor (procmon). Norimaci consists of 3 Python scripts. : Main script : OpenBSM audit log converter :Read More

TrelloC2 – Simple C2 Over The Trello API

Simple C2 over Trello’s API (Proof-of-Concept) By: Fabrizio Siciliano (@0rbz_) Update 12/30/2019 Removed hardcoded API key and Token, use input() instead. Requirements Python 3.x Setup Create a Trello account: Once logged in, get your API key: Generate a Token (same page as app-key, follow the “Token” link) Save both API key and Token,Read More

confluencePot – Simple Honeypot For Atlassian Confluence (CVE-2022-26134)

ConfluencePot is a simple honeypot for the Atlassian Confluence unauthenticated and remote OGNL injection vulnerability (CVE-2022-26134). About the vulnerability You can find the official advisory by Atlassian to this vulerability here. For details about the inner workings and exploits in the wild you should refer to the reports by Rapid7 and Cloudflare. Affected but notRead More

Bore – Simple CLI Tool For Making Tunnels To Localhost

A modern, simple TCP tunnel in Rust that exposes local ports to a remote server, bypassing standard NAT connection firewalls. That’s all it does: no more, and no less. # Installation (requires Rust)cargo install bore-cli# On your local machinebore local 8000 –to This will expose your local port at localhost:8000 to the public internetRead More

Master_Librarian – A Simple Tool To Audit Unix/*BSD/Linux System Libraries To Find Public Security Vulnerabilities

A simple tool to audit Unix/*BSD/Linux system libraries to find public security vulnerabilities. To install requirements: $ sudo python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt Overview: vulnerabilities on local libraries by CoolerVoid Example: $ python3 -t csv $ python3 -t txt -l 3 usage: [-h] -t TYPES [-l LIMIT] optional arguments: -h, –helpRead More

Shellcode-Encryptor – A Simple Shell Code Encryptor/Decryptor/Executor To Bypass Anti Virus

A simple shell code encryptor/decryptor/executor to bypass anti virus. Note: I have completely redone the work flow for creating the bypass, I have found injecting the binary into memory using PowerShell as the most effective method. Purpose To generate a .Net binary containing base64 encoded, AES encrypted shellcode that will execute on a Windows target,Read More

ClusterFuzzLite – Simple Continuous Fuzzing That Runs In CI

ClusterFuzzLite is a continuous fuzzing solution that runs as part of Continuous Integration (CI) workflows to find vulnerabilities faster than ever before. With just a few lines of code, GitHub users can integrate ClusterFuzzLite into their workflow and fuzz pull requests to catch bugs before they are committed. ClusterFuzzLite is based on ClusterFuzz. Features QuickRead More

HTTPUploadExfil – A Simple HTTP Server For Exfiltrating Files/Data During, For Example, CTFs

HTTPUploadExfil is a (very) simple HTTP server written in Go that’s useful for getting files (and other information) off a machine using HTTP. While there are many use-cases, it’s meant to be used in low-stakes offensive scenarios (e.g., CTFs). Think of this as python3 -m http.server but for getting data off a machine instead ofRead More

AutomatedLab – A Provisioning Solution And Framework That Lets You Deploy Complex Labs On HyperV And Azure With Simple PowerShell Scripts

AutomatedLab (AL) enables you to setup test and lab environments on Hyper-v or Azure with multiple products or just a single VM in a very short time. There are only two requirements you need to make sure: You need the DVD ISO images and a Hyper-V host or an Azure subscription. Requirements Apart from theRead More