Raven – Advanced Cyber Threat Map (Simplified, Customizable, Responsive)

Raven – Advanced Cyber Threat Map (Simplified, customizable and responsive. It uses D3.js with TOPO JSON, has 247 countries, ~100,000 cities, and can be used in an isolated environment without external lookups!. Live – Demo https://qeeqbox.github.io/raven/ Offline – Demo Features Uses D3.js (Not Anime.js) Active threat map (Live and replay) IP, country, city, and portRead More

FiddleZAP – A Simplified Version Of EKFiddle For OWASP ZAP

FiddleZAP is a simplified version of EKFiddle for OWASP ZAP. With ZAP as your web proxy, you are able to flag malicious traffic based on predefined regular expressions. Example: Alert, highlighting and tagging when a regex matches on a string within the HTML source code of a compromised website Installation Download and install ZAP: https://www.zaproxy.org/download/Read More