Scriptkiddi3 – Streamline Your Recon And Vulnerability Detection Process With SCRIPTKIDDI3, A Recon And Initial Vulnerability Detection Tool Built Using Shell Script And Open Source Tools

Streamline your recon and vulnerability detection process with SCRIPTKIDDI3, A recon and initial vulnerability detection tool built using shell script and open source tools. How it works • Installation • Usage • MODES • For Developers • Credits Introducing SCRIPTKIDDI3, a powerful recon and initial vulnerability detection tool for Bug Bounty Hunters. Built using aRead More

Grepmarx – A Source Code Static Analysis Platform For AppSec Enthusiasts

Grepmarx is a web application providing a single platform to quickly understand, analyze and identify vulnerabilities in possibly large and unknown code bases. Features SAST (Static Analysis Security Testing) capabilities: Multiple languages support: C/C++, C#, Go, HTML, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript, OCaml, PHP, Python, Ruby, Bash, Rust, Scala, Solidity, Terraform, Swift Multiple frameworks support: Spring,Read More

Faraday – Open Source Vulnerability Management Platform

Security has two difficult tasks: designing smart ways of getting new information, and keeping track of findings to improve remediation efforts. With Faraday, you may focus on discovering vulnerabilities while we help you with the rest. Just use it in your terminal and get your work organized on the run. Faraday was made to letRead More

Leaktopus – Keep Your Source Code Under Control

Keep your source code under control. Key Features Plug&Play – one line installation with Docker. Scan various sources containing a set of keywords, e.g. Currently supports: GitHub Repositories Gists (coming soon) Paste sites (e.g., PasteBin) (coming soon) Filter results with a built-in heuristic engine. Enhance results with IOLs (Indicators Of Leak): Secrets in theRead More

Codecepticon – .NET Application That Allows You To Obfuscate C#, VBA/VB6 (Macros), And PowerShell Source Code

Codecepticon is a .NET application that allows you to obfuscate C#, VBA/VB6 (macros), and PowerShell source code, and is developed for offensive security engagements such as Red/Purple Teams. What separates Codecepticon from other obfuscators is that it targets the source code rather than the compiled executables, and was developed specifically for AV/EDR evasion. Codecepticon allowsRead More

SCMKit – Source Code Management Attack Toolkit

[*] Source Code Management Attack Toolkit – SCMKit is a toolkit that can be used to attack SCM systems. SCMKit allows the user to specify the SCM system and attack module to use, along with specifying valid credentials (username/password or API key) to the respective SCM system. Currently, the SCM systems that SCMKit supports areRead More

SCodeScanner – Stands For Source Code Scanner Where The User Can Scans The Source Code For Finding The Critical Vulnerabilities

SCodeScanner stands for Source Code scanner where the user can scans the source code for finding the Critical Vulnerabilities. The main objective for this scanner is to find the vulnerabilities inside the source code before code gets published in Prod. Features Supported PHP Language Supported YAML Language Pass results to bug tracking services like JiraRead More

Faraday Community – Open Source Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management Platform

Faraday was built from within the security community, to make vulnerability management easier and enhance our work. What IDEs are to programming, Faraday is to pentesting. Offensive security had two difficult tasks: designing smart ways of getting new information, and keeping track of findings to improve further work. This new update brings: New scanning, reportingRead More

Pocsploit – A Lightweight, Flexible And Novel Open Source Poc Verification Framework

pocsploit is a lightweight, flexible and novel open source poc verification framework Pain points of the POC framework in the market There are too many params, I don’t know how to get started, but only some of them are commonly used. YAML poc framework(like nuclei & xray) is not flexible enough. the conversion cost isRead More