SSRFire – An Automated SSRF Finder. Just Give The Domain Name And Your Server And Chill! Also Has Options To Find XSS And Open Redirects

An automated SSRF finder. Just give the domain name and your server and chill! 😉 It also has options to find XSS and open redirects. Syntax ./ -d -s -f custom_file.txt -c cookies —> The domain for which you want to test —> Your server which detects SSRF. Eg. Burp collaboratorRead More

Lorsrf – SSRF Parameter Bruteforce

Bruteforcing on Hidden parameters to find SSRF vulnerability using GET and POST Methods NOTE Lorsrf has been added to scant3r with useful additions (multi http method , multi content-type (json , query , xml , speed , large worlist and more)) install download it ➜ git clone➜ cd lorsrf➜ sudo pip3 install requestsRead More

SSRF-King – SSRF Plugin For Burp Automates SSRF Detection In All Of The Request

SSRF plugin for burp that Automates SSRF Detection in all of the Request Upcoming Features Checklist It will soon have a user Interface to specifiy your own call back payload It will soon be able to test Json & XML Test for SMTP SSRF How to Install/Build git clone gradle build Now the fileRead More

Garud – An Automation Tool That Scans Sub-Domains, Sub-Domain Takeover And Then Filters Out XSS, SSTI, SSRF And More Injection Point Parameters

An automation tool that scans sub-domains, sub-domain takeover and then filters out xss, ssti, ssrf and more injection point parameters. Requirements: Go Language, Python 2.7 or Python 3. System requirements: Recommended to run on vps with 1VCPU and 2GB ram. Tools used – You must need to install these tools to use this script SubFinderRead More

SSRF Sheriff – A Simple SSRF-testing Sheriff Written In Go

This is an SSRF testing sheriff written in Go. It was originally created for the Uber H1-4420 2019 London Live Hacking Event, but it is now being open-sourced for other organizations to implement and contribute back to.Features Repsond to any HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) Configurable secret token (see base.example.yaml) Content-specific responses WithRead More

Extended-SSRF-Search – Smart SSRF Scanner Using Different Methods Like Parameter Brute Forcing In Post And Get…

This tool search for SSRF using predefined settings in different parts of a request (path, host, headers, post and get parameters). First stepRename to app-settings.conf and adjust settings. The most important setting is the callback url. I recommend to use burp collaborator. Then you can add your urls to config/url-to-test.txt. Here the script acceptsRead More

See-SURF – Python Based Scanner To Find Potential SSRF Parameters

A Python based scanner to find potential SSRF parameters in a web application. Motivation SSRF being one of the critical vulnerabilities out there in web, I see there was no tool which would automate finding potential vulnerable parameters. See-SURF can be added to your arsenal for recon while doing bug hunting/web security testing. Tech/framework usedBuiltRead More