Chaya – Advance Image Steganography

Chaya protects your privacy through steganography, cryptography and compression. It effectively encrypts your payloads using AES-256-GCM cryptography, embeds them using LSB-LPS steganography technique into images and compresses them using FLIF to evade detection by performing lossless compression. Chaya is for your privacy. Chaya is backed by research (I will publish public version whitepaper on,Read More

Forblaze – A Python Mac Steganography Payload Generator

Forblaze is a project designed to provide steganography capabilities to Mac OS payloads. Using python3, it will build an Obj-C file for you which will be compiled to pull desired encrypted URLs out of the stego file, fetch payloads over https, and execute them directly into memory. It utilizes custom encryption – it is notRead More

Stegbrute – Fast Steganography Bruteforce Tool Written In Rust Useful For CTF’s

stegbrute is a fast steganography brute force tool written in Rust using also threads to achieve a faster execution Dependencies Stegbrute cannot run without steghide!, to install steghide run : apt-get install -y steghide if you are not in a debian distribution you can download it from steghide website Installation stegbrute can be installed inRead More