Fpicker – A Frida-based Fuzzing Suite Supporting Various Modes (Including AFL++ In-Process Fuzzing)

fpicker is a Frida-based fuzzing suite that offers a variety of fuzzing modes for in-process fuzzing, such as an AFL++ mode or a passive tracing mode. It should run on all platforms that are supported by Frida. Installation Instructions Building and Running Creating a Fuzzing Harness Modes and Configuration Some background information and the thoughtsRead More

Go-Shellcode – A Repository Of Windows Shellcode Runners And Supporting Utilities

go-shellcode is a repository of Windows Shellcode runners and supporting utilities. The applications load and execute Shellcode using various API calls or techniques. The available Shellcode runners include: CreateFiber CreateProcess CreateProcessWithPipe CreateRemoteThread CreateRemoteThreadNative CreateThread CreateThreadNative EarlyBird EtwpCreateEtwThread NtQueueApcThreadEx (local) RtlCreateUserThread Syscall Shellcode Utils UuidFromStringA CreateFiber This application leverages the Windows CreateFiber function from the Kernel32.dllRead More

Ssh-Mitm – Ssh Mitm Server For Security Audits Supporting Public Key Authentication, Session Hijacking And File Manipulation

ssh-mitm is an intercepting (mitm) proxy server for security audits. Redirect/mirror Shell to another ssh client supported in 0.2.8 Replace File in SCP supported in 0.2.6 Replace File in SFTP supported in 0.2.3 Transparent proxy support in 0.2.2! – intercepting traffic to other hosts is now possible when using arp spoofing or proxy is usedRead More