PEzor-Docker – With The Help Of This Docker Image, You Can Easily Access PEzor On Your System!

With the help of this kali linux image, you can easily access PEzor on your system! Basically, this image is built from the kalilinux/kali-rolling image and then the PEzor shellcode and PE packer is installed on top of it. Sometimes, it’s vital to have access to PEzor, specially in a post exploit phase, but installingRead More

Moonwalk – Cover Your Tracks During Linux Exploitation By Leaving Zero Traces On System Logs And Filesystem Timestamps

Cover your tracks during Linux Exploitation / Penetration Testing by leaving zero traces on system logs and filesystem timestamps. Introduction moonwalk is a 400 KB single-binary executable that can clear your traces while penetration testing a Unix machine. It saves the state of system logs pre-exploitation and reverts that state including the filesystem timestamps post-exploitationRead More

Kraken – A Multi-Platform Distributed Brute-Force Password Cracking System

Kraken is an online distributed brute force password cracking tool. It allows you to parallelize dictionaries and crunch word generator based cracking across multiple machines both as a web app in a web browser and as a standalone electron based client. Kraken aims to be easy to use, fault tolerant and scalable. I wrote KrakenRead More

CVE-2022-27254 – PoC For Vulnerability In Honda’s Remote Keyless System

PoC for vulnerability in Honda’s Remote Keyless System(CVE-2022-27254) Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. Kindly note that the discoverers for this vulnerability are Ayyappan Rajesh, a student at UMass Dartmouth and HackingIntoYourHeart. Others mentioned in this repository are credited for the support that they have provided but have played no active role in any research conductedRead More

Casper-Fs – A Custom Hidden Linux Kernel Module Generator. Each Module Works In The File System To Protect And Hide Secret Files

Casper-fs is a custom Linux Kernel Module generator to work with resources to protect or hide a custom list of files. Each LKM has resources to protect or hide files following a custom list in the YAML rule file. Yes, not even the root has permission to see the files or make actions like editRead More

SysWhispers3 – AV/EDR Evasion Via Direct System Calls

SysWhispers helps with evasion by generating header/ASM files implants can use to make direct system calls. Why on earth didn’t I create a PR to SysWhispers2? The reason for SysWhispers3 to be a standalone version are many, but the most important are: SysWhispers3 is the de-facto “fork” used by Inceptor, and implements some utils classRead More

Master_Librarian – A Simple Tool To Audit Unix/*BSD/Linux System Libraries To Find Public Security Vulnerabilities

A simple tool to audit Unix/*BSD/Linux system libraries to find public security vulnerabilities. To install requirements: $ sudo python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt Overview: vulnerabilities on local libraries by CoolerVoid Example: $ python3 -t csv $ python3 -t txt -l 3 usage: [-h] -t TYPES [-l LIMIT] optional arguments: -h, –helpRead More

DRAKVUF Sandbox – Automated Hypervisor-Level Malware Analysis System

DRAKVUF Sandbox is an automated black-box malware analysis system with DRAKVUF engine under the hood, which does not require an agent on guest OS. This project provides you with a friendly web interface that allows you to upload suspicious files to be analyzed. Once the sandboxing job is finished, you can explore the analysis resultRead More

Onionservice – Manage Your Onion Services Via CLI Or TUI On Unix-like Operating System With A POSIX Compliant Shell

Feature-rich Onion Service manager for UNIX-like operating systems written in POSIX conformant shellscript A collection of Onion Services features implemented for Unix-like systems following the Portable Operating System Interface standard. WARNING: do not trust this repo yet, backup your hs keys in another location. This project has not been released and should be considered forRead More

MultiPotato – Another Potato to get SYSTEM via SeImpersonate privileges

First of all – credit to @splinter_code & @decoder_it for RoguePotato as this code heavily bases on it. This is just another Potato to get SYSTEM via SeImpersonate privileges. But this one is different in terms of It doesn’t contain any SYSTEM auth trigger for weaponization. Instead the code can be used to integrate yourRead More