SysFlow – Cloud-native System Telemetry Pipeline

This repository hosts the documentation and issue tracker for all SysFlow projects. Quick reference Documentation:the SysFlow Documentation Where to get help:the SysFlow Community Slack Where to file issues:the github issue tracker Source of this description:repo’s readme (history) Docker images:docker hub | GHCR What is SysFlow? The SysFlow Telemetry Pipeline is a framework for monitoring cloudRead More

PurpleSharp – C# Adversary Simulation Tool That Executes Adversary Techniques With The Purpose Of Generating Attack Telemetry In Monitored Windows Environments

Defending enterprise networks against attackers continues to present a difficult challenge for blue teams. Prevention has fallen short; improving detection & response capabilities has proven to be a step in the right direction. However, without the telemetry produced by adversary behavior, building new and testing existing detection capabilities will be constrained.PurpleSharp is an open sourceRead More