Pax – CLI Tool For PKCS7 Padding Oracle Attacks

Exploit padding oracles for fun and profit! Pax (PAdding oracle eXploiter) is a tool for exploiting padding oracles in order to: Obtain plaintext for a given piece of CBC encrypted data. Obtain encrypted bytes for a given piece of plaintext, using the unknown encryption algorithm used by the oracle. This can be used to discloseRead More

CATS – REST API Fuzzer And Negative Testing Tool For OpenAPI Endpoints

REST API fuzzer and negative testing tool. Run thousands of self-healing API tests within minutes with no coding effort! Comprehensive: tests are generated automatically based on a large number scenarios and cover every field and header Intelligent: tests are generated based on data types and constraints; each Fuzzer have specific expectations depending on the scenarioRead More

SharpImpersonation – A User Impersonation Tool – Via Token Or Shellcode Injection

This was a learning by doing project from my side. Well known techniques are used to built just another impersonation tool with some improvements in comparison to other public tools. The code base was taken from: A blog post for the intruduction can be found here: List user processes PS > PS C:temp>Read More

Aced – Tool to parse and resolve a single targeted Active Directory principal’s DACL

Aced is a tool to parse and resolve a single targeted Active Directory principal’s DACL. Aced will identify interesting inbound access allowed privileges against the targeted account, resolve the SIDS of the inbound permissions, and present that data to the operator. Additionally, the logging features of pyldapsearch have been integrated with Aced to log theRead More

Autodeauth – A Tool Built To Automatically Deauth Local Networks

A tool built to automatically deauth local networks Tested on Raspberry Pi OS and Kali Linux Setup $ chmod +x$ sudo ./setup.shReading package lists… DoneBuilding dependency tree… DoneReading state information… Done0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.Please enter your WiFi interface name e.g: wlan0 -> wlan1autodeauth installeduse sudo autodeauthRead More

System Informer – A Free, Powerful, Multi-Purpose Tool That Helps You Monitor System Resources, Debug Software And Detect Malware

System Informer A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware. Brought to you by Winsider Seminars & Solutions, Inc. Project Website – Project Downloads System requirements Windows 7 or higher, 32-bit or 64-bit. Features A detailed overview of system activity with highlighting. Graphs and statistics allow youRead More

RPCMon – RPC Monitor Tool Based On Event Tracing For Windows

A GUI tool for scanning RPC communication through Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). The tool was published as part of a research on RPC communication between the host and a Windows container. Overview RPCMon can help researchers to get a high level view over an RPC communication between processes. It was built like Procmon forRead More

dnsReaper – Subdomain Takeover Tool For Attackers, Bug Bounty Hunters And The Blue Team!

DNS Reaper is yet another sub-domain takeover tool, but with an emphasis on accuracy, speed and the number of signatures in our arsenal! We can scan around 50 subdomains per second, testing each one with over 50 takeover signatures. This means most organisations can scan their entire DNS estate in less than 10 seconds. YouRead More

RedGuard – C2 Front Flow Control Tool, Can Avoid Blue Teams, AVs, EDRs Check

0x00 Introduction Tool introduction RedGuard is a derivative work of the C2 facility pre-flow control technology. It has a lighter design, efficient flow interaction, and reliable compatibility with go language development. The core problem it solves is also in the face of increasingly complex red and blue attack and defense drills, giving the attack teamRead More