Top 20 Most Popular Hacking Tools in 2021

As last year, this year we made a ranking with the most popular tools between January and December 2021. Topics of the tools focus on Phishing, Information Gathering, Automation Tools,, among others. Without going into further details, we have prepared a useful list of the most popular tools in Kitploit 2021: Zphisher – Automated Phishing Tool Dockerized-AndroidRead More

KaliIntelligenceSuite – Shall Aid In The Fast, Autonomous, Central, And Comprehensive Collection Of Intelligence By Executing Standard Penetration Testing Tools

  Kali Intelligence Suite (KIS) shall aid in the fast, autonomous, central, and comprehensive collection of intelligence by automatically: executing Kali Linux tools (e.g., dnsrecon, gobuster, hydra, nmap, etc.) querying publicly available APIs (e.g.,,,,,,, etc.) storing the collected data in a central rational database (see next section) providing anRead More

Msticpy – Microsoft Threat Intelligence Security Tools

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Python Security Tools. msticpy is a library for InfoSec investigation and hunting in Jupyter Notebooks. It includes functionality to: query log data from multiple sources enrich the data with Threat Intelligence, geolocations and Azure resource data extract Indicators of Activity (IoA) from logs and unpack encoded data perform sophisticated analysis such asRead More

Abaddon – Make red team operations faster, more repeatable, stealthier, while including value-added tools and bringing numerous reporting capabilities

Red team operations involve miscellaneous skills, last several months and are politically sensitive; they require a lot of monitoring, consolidating and caution. Wavestone’s red team operations management software, Abaddon, has been designed to make red team operations faster, more repeatable, stealthier, while including value-added tools and bringing numerous reporting capabilities. Because: There are tons ofRead More

RottenPotatoNG – A C++ DLL And Standalone C++ Binary – No Need For Meterpreter Or Other Tools

New version of RottenPotato as a C++ DLL and standalone C++ binary – no need for meterpreter or other tools. RottenPotatoDLL This project generates a DLL and EXE file. The DLL contains all the code necessary to perform the RottenPotato attack and get a handle to a privileged token. The MSFRottenPotatoTestHarness project simply shows exampleRead More

PKINITtools – Tools For Kerberos PKINIT And Relaying To AD CS

[*] This repository contains some utilities for playing with PKINIT and certificates. The tools are built on minikerberos and impacket. Accompanying blogpost with more context: Installation These tools are only compatible with Python 3.5+. Clone the repository from GitHub, install the dependencies and you should be good to go: impacket minikerberos “> git cloneRead More

Pollenisator – Collaborative Pentest Tool With Highly Customizable Tools

Pollenisator is a tool aiming to assist pentesters and auditor automating the use of some tools/scripts and keep track of them. Written in python 3 Provides a modelisation of “pentest objects” : Scope, Hosts, Ports, Commands, Tools etc. Tools/scripts are separated into 4 categories : wave, Network/domain, IP, Port Objects are stored in a NoSQLRead More

Zuthaka – An Open Source Application Designed To Assist Red-Teaming Efforts, By Simplifying The Task Of Managing Different APTs And Other Post-Exploitation Tools

A collaborative free open-source Command & Control integration framework that allows developers to concentrate on the core function and goal of their C2. Explore the docs » About the project Problem Statement The current C2s ecosystem has rapidly grown in order to adapt to modern red team operations and diverse needs (further information on C2Read More

Pstf2 – Passive Security Tools Fingerprinting Framework

Have you ever wanted a simple, easy and stealth bypass for multiple classes of security products? pstf^2 (pronounced pstf-square) is an implementation of an HTTP server capable of passive browser fingerprinting – and it might just be the thing you are looking for. When attackers try to deliver a payload over the internet they needRead More

Fully-Homomorphic-Encryption – Libraries And Tools To Perform Fully Homomorphic Encryption Operations On An Encrypted Data Set

This repository contains open-source libraries and tools to perform fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) operations on an encrypted data set. About Fully Homomorphic Encryption Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is an emerging data processing paradigm that allows developers to perform transformations on encrypted data. FHE can change the way computations are performed by preserving privacy end-to-end, therebyRead More