Phantun – Transforms UDP Stream Into (Fake) TCP Streams That Can Go Through Layer 3 &Amp; Layer 4 (NAPT) firewalls/NATs

Phantun is a project that obfuscated UDP packets into TCP connections. It aims to achieve maximum performance with minimum processing and encapsulation overhead. It is commonly used in environments where UDP is blocked/throttled but TCP is allowed through. Phantun simply converts a stream of UDP packets into obfuscated TCP stream packets. The TCP stack usedRead More

Cloudquery – Transforms Your Cloud Infrastructure Into SQL Database For Easy Monitoring, Governance And Security

CloudQuery transforms your cloud infrastructure into queryable SQL for easy monitoring, governance and security. What is CloudQuery and why use it? CloudQuery pulls, normalize, expose and monitor your cloud infrastructure and SaaS apps as SQL database. This abstracts various scattered APIs enabling you to define security, governance, cost and compliance policies with SQL. CloudQuery canRead More