uEmu – Tiny Cute Emulator Plugin For IDA Based On Unicorn.

uEmu is a tiny cute emulator plugin for IDA based on unicorn engine. Supports following architectures out of the box: x86, x64, ARM, ARM64, MIPS, MIPS64 What is it GOOD for? Emulate bare metal code (bootloaders, embedded firmware etc) Emulate standalone functions What is it BAD for? Emulate complex OS code (dynamic libraries, processes etc)Read More

crauEmu – An uEmu Extension For Developing And Analyzing Payloads For Code-Reuse Attacks

crauEmu is an uEmu extension for developing and analyzing payloads for code-reuse attacks. Slides from ZeroNights 2019 Demo 1 – X32-64, Edge, rop-gadgets from pwnjs Demo 2 – ARM64, checkm8 callback-chain * Mascot designed by @kottsarapkin RopEditor Installation Put the file crauEmu.py in same location as uEmu.py. Use File / Script file… or ALT+F7 in IDARead More