Vulnx v2.0 – An Intelligent Bot Auto Shell Injector That Detect Vulnerabilities In Multiple Types Of CMS (WordPress , Joomla , Drupal , Prestashop …)

Vulnx is An Intelligent Bot Auto Shell Injector that detects vulnerabilities in multiple types of Cms, fast cms detection,informations gathering and vulnerabilitie Scanning of the target like subdomains, ipaddresses, country, org, timezone, region, ans and more …Instead of injecting each and every shell manually like all the other tools do, VulnX analyses the target websiteRead More

DNSteal v2.0 – DNS Exfiltration Tool For Stealthily Sending Files Over DNS Requests

This is a fake DNS server that allows you to stealthily extract files from a victim machine through DNS requests.Below are a couple of different images showing examples of multiple file transfer and single verbose file transfer: Support for multiple files Gzip compression supported Now supports the customisation of subdomains and bytes per subdomain andRead More

SSHPry v2.0 – Spy and Control os SSH Connected client’s TTY

This is a second release of SSHPry tool, with multiple features added. Control of target’s TTY Built-In Keylogger Console-Level phishing Record & Replay previous sessions Demo Blogpost: @nopernik Howto./ – the toolEverything else parts of code used in the tool (does not depends on them) Download SSHPry2.0

Webkiller v2.0 – Tool Information Gathering

Tool Information Gathering Write With Python. PreView ██╗ ██╗███████╗██████╗ ██╗ ██╗██╗██╗ ██╗ ███████╗██████╗ ██║ ██║██╔════╝██╔══██╗██║ ██╔╝██║██║ ██║ ██╔════╝██╔══██╗ ██║ █╗ ██║█████╗ ██████╔╝████&#9608 ;╔╝ ██║██║ ██║ █████╗ ██████╔╝ ██║███╗██║██╔══╝ ██╔══██╗██╔═██╗ ██║██║ ██║ ██╔══╝ ██╔══██╗ ╚███╔███╔╝███████╗██████╔╝██║ ██╗██║███████╗███████╗██████&# 9608;╗██║ ██║ ╚══╝╚══╝ ╚══════╝╚═════╝ ╚═╝ ╚═╝╚═╝╚══════╝╚══════╝╚══════╝╚═╝ ╚═╝ ==================================================================== ** WebSite : ** ** Channel : @UltraSecurity ** ** DevelopersRead More

WiFi Passview v2.0 – An Open Source Batch Script Based WiFi Passview For Windows!

WiFi Passview is an open source batch script based program that can recover your WiFi Password easily in seconds. This is for Windows OS only. Basically, this scripted program has the same function as other passview softwares such as webpassview and mailpassview.Disclaimer: WiFi Passview is NOT designed for malicious use! Please use this program responsibly!ZSecurity.orgThisRead More